ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Innovation Defy The Critics

McDonalds Restaurant Nerang with two ZeroFlush ZF201 waterless urinals installed in male public toilets by Whywait Plumbing Service

McDonalds Restaurant Nerang with two ZeroFlush ZF201 waterless urinals installed in the male public toilets

ZeroFlush waterless urinals innovation continue to defy the critics of waterless urinals as they continually outperform every other water flushing and waterless urinal available today.

Unlike many other urinals, ZeroFlush waterless urinals have continued to evolve and are world leaders in developing sustainable solutions. The introduction of the EnviroSeal operating system is reducing costs by eliminating expensive odour barrier oils.

Continuous innovation continues with the EnviroSeal with the introduction of the Wonder Wizard Tab’s which almost eliminate’s uric salt buildups in the urinal and prevents blockages. The Wonder Wizard Tab’s are easily replaced every month as part of the daily cleaning procedure.

In public toilets, every urinal and every toilet must be cleaned every day. The simple cleaning procedures required to clean a ZeroFlush waterless urinal make the daily cleaning a dream for cleaners as it’s so quick to undertake as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.

In cleaning a ZeroFlush urinal, the commitment to using environmentally sustainable products has continued with the rejection of harsh chemical products and acids.The introduction of Aquatemp Spray & Go specialist urinal cleaners which are 100% manufactured from nature’s most powerful cleaner, plant-based enzymes. The combination of EnviroSeal with a Wonder Wizard Tab cleaned with Aquatemp Spray & Go delivers a superior odourless performance to every public toilet facility.

Installation of ZeroFlush waterless urinals provides significant cost benefits in the installation cost as no expensive electronic water flushing systems are required. This reduces the initial capital expenditure and eliminates their ongoing maintenance costs.

Above all ZeroFlush installation will save water and sewerage discharge costs from the local water authority. A recent study was undertaken across 11 McDonalds restaurants with ZeroFlush urinals that conclusively showed a drop in water use of 19% over a 6 month period.

Contact Aquatemp now to discuss how you can benefit by installing ZeroFlush waterless urinals as we can guarantee the following:

  • reduced capital cost to install
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • simple and easy cleaning procedures
  • reduction in blocked drains
  • all products used are environmentally sustainable

Shower & Bath Water Usage For The Family

Shower vs Bath Water Usage

A baby bath from Aquatemp Environmental Solutions is much more efficient for bathing a baby than a normal shower or bath

A baby bath is much more efficient for bathing a baby than a normal shower or bath

An Oxijet water saving shower head dispels a common misconception in that baths save more water than showering does. Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme or WELS testing confirms that WELS compliant showers use less water than baths.

However, showers do use 25% of a households water usage. A long shower is over 8 minutes and will often use more water than a regular bath – but if you have a compliant WELS rated shower head, you will save on your water bill.

The amount of water consumption for bathing vs showering

The average 8 minute shower uses about 120 litres of water, whereas an average bath uses around 140 litres, depending on depth filled. But if you install an Oxijet water saving shower head you will reduce water consumption by at least 40%. Using an Oxijet will then reduce water consumption to 72 litres. And if you manage to shower in just four minutes using an Oxijet water saving shower head, you can expect to use just 36 litres of water.

In fact an Oxijet water saving shower head ensures you feel like you are having a power shower but using a lot less water.

Bathing small children

If you have small children, sometimes bath time is unavoidable as it’s the most convenient way to get them clean. To cut costs and work towards water conservation, consider filling the bath up to just the right amount of water you need and avoid filling it to the top. Also consider bathing more than one child at the same time to cut down on water waste.

When you’re bathing a baby ensure you use a purpose designed baby bath as it is an efficient method of bathing a baby in a safe location compared with your normal bath or shower.

The time spent in a shower

A report commissioned by Energy Australia found many people shower to do ordinary things such as day-dream and brush their teeth, essentially wasting time (and water), using those minutes to escape from daily life.

shower with flowing water and steam perfect shower with OxijetThe report also showed some people love showers so much that they take three a day – wasting large amounts of water needlessly.

The study also found that during the week, teenagers spend the longest amount of time showering, taking an average of 7.41 minutes. The shortest showers were taken by those who were older than 40, and this age group spent about 6.54 minutes in the shower each time.

Women also take longer in the shower than men, mainly because they do activities that take longer, such as shaving their legs. Additionally women have a hotter shower, up to 5°C hotter than men. On weekends, women would spend about 8.08 minutes showering, whereas men would take just 7.34 minutes.

Cost comparisons

The electricity used for a shower that lasts one minute is enough to power a television for four hours, according to the Energy Australia report. However, many families didn’t realise how expensive showering can be without an Oxijet water saving shower head and that they would save more than $250 a year if they cut their showers by two minutes each time.

Think before you turn on the tap

With the cost of showering in mind, the next time you turn on the shower, see if you can take your shower in a shorter space of time. Not only will you be saving water, saving electricity and helping the environment, but you could also be saving yourself some money too.

Saving Water with the Right Shower Head

Did you know that showering accounts for 20-25% of all household water usage? In fact, if you shower for more than five minutes, the equivalent of a full bath of water is used.Water Saving Shower Head

In terms of water conservation, using a water saving shower head has obvious benefits, but regardless of how environmentally aware you are, there are clear direct advantages to householders. Low-flow shower heads have been found to reduce domestic water usage by up to 40%, so the positive effect on your wallet will be felt with each water bill.

In addition, water requires energy to be heated, so it stands to reason that if you use less water, you use less energy – so those bills will be slashed as well! If you are an eco-warrior, it is also worth considering that the energy-saving consequence of using a water saving shower head ultimately results in less carbon-dioxide emissions being pumped out into the atmosphere.

There are other ways to conserve water. Showering for less time or reducing the power or pressure of your shower will all help; however, switching to a water saving shower head is an easy way to conserve water and save money.

They are relatively inexpensive and are usually straightforward to install.
Your standard shower head should unscrew easily and be replaced in just a few minutes.

Traditionally water saving shower heads worked by restricting water flow but a common complaint was that they also reduced the pressure and many people preferred to stay with their existing shower heads. The more recent water saving shower heads work on the principle of aerating the water. This is a process of infusing air into the water stream so that some of the water is replaced by air, hence reducing water consumption.

For the best of these, look no further than the Oxijet shower head. This effective system is designed to inject minuscule air bubbles into the water to make it feel like you are showering at full water pressure, while consuming up to 50% less water. Dr Jie Wu, a fluids specialist at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) explains: “Traditional flow restrictors reduce flow and pressure, whereas Oxijet uses the flow energy to draw air into the water stream, making the water droplets hollow. This expands the volume of the shower stream, meaning you can save the same amount of water, while still enjoying your shower.”

Unlike several other devices, the Oxijet system is compatible with most normal shower fittings. The Oxijet has undergone the most rigorous testing procedures as well, having been trialled at a well known resort in Wollongong, an area where water restrictions are imposed.

So to recap – why use a water saving shower head? Not only is it good for your pocket, it is also good for the planet. By making the switch you will save water, and by conserving water you save energy. That means significant reductions in your water and energy bills, all the while minimising your carbon footprint.

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How waterless urinals have saved millions

Like every other industry, plumbing needs to stay in step with advances in technology or risk falling behind market trends. The waterless urinal is an invention that is poised to save not only the planet, but also companies and the public, many thousands of litres of water a year. It seems like a logical systemic evolution that has the added benefit of saving significant amounts of money. The volume of water that a standard urinal flushes can be up to 60,000 litres annually – so the savings are significant. But how do waterless urinals work and what are the impediments to implementation? zero flush waterless urinals

The innovative design of waterless urinals

In line with any revolutionary advancement, the early stages of adoption for waterless urinals were fraught with trial and error. But the concept of a waterless urinal has withstood enormous pressure, and they have now serviced hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

With a design that traps odour, waterless urinals have circumvented concerns about smell. By filtering urine through a cartridge that sits above the drain, gases are prevented from escaping. A biodegradable fluid acts as a barrier, and allows urine to seep through and channel away, without the need for water.

Indeed, designs range from standalone bowls to troughs, and can be ordered in a range of materials, shapes and colours. Perhaps the greatest opportunity comes from public venues, like shopping centres, hotels, high rise offices and stadiums, which experience mass usage on a daily or weekly basis. But even smaller venues, like restaurants, clubs and council toilet blocks will immediately see a benefit from upgrading to a waterless urinal.

The advantages of waterless urinals

Becoming water smart is good for the environment and for setting an agenda of sustainability. Scale should not be a factor. Indeed, some of the largest sporting arenas in the world have installed waterless urinals and recorded astronomical savings – in water consumption and also cost. Waterless urinals should be viewed as a long-term solution that will yield benefits for decades to come.

Like any frequently used bathroom, there is an inherent degree of necessary maintenance. The canister that seals a waterless urinal will need to be replaced in order to keep odour to a minimum. But this is far more cost-effective than flushing away, and wasting, thousands of litres of water.

The future of waterless urinals in Australia

In Australia, the plumbing industry has moved towards best practice measures that focus on water sustainability. This has been set in legislation that paves the way for licensed plumbers to recommend waterless urinals more widely.

Unpredictable drought conditions have the potential to decimate many industries reliant on water. Waterless urinals are just one step in the right direction for accountability in relation to natural resources. The impact cannot be understated, with our entire population due to benefit from innovative thinkers.

Revolutionising how the public accesses public bathrooms is a good places to start, so attitudes are forced to shift. Once installed, the choice is simple. Waterless urinals will be utilised as a matter of necessity.

Why water matters

Water is one of our most valuable resources, but it is also one of our scarcest. As the world’s population grows, so does its need for clean, accessible drinking water. Many places around the world are already facing severe water shortages and unless we take action, this phenomenon could become much more widespread.

One of the problems we are facing, especially in the western world, is that we are not using our water resources efficiently. The truth is water mattersthere is plenty of water on this planet to go around, but our usage habits mean that most of our clean drinking water is literally going down the drain. Every day we waste millions of litres of water which could otherwise be put to good use.

In the average western household, 95% of the water which comes out of a tap or showerhead goes straight down the drain without being used for anything. When people water their gardens, it’s estimated that almost half of the water used evaporates on the surface because we don’t realise that we are over watering our plants. Simply leaving the tap on when you brush your teeth can needlessly waste up to 10 litres of water. By simply altering some of these habits, we could dramatically reduce our water usage and save ourselves money in the process.

And it’s not just our bad habits which are causing water wastage, it’s the appliances we are using. Modern technology has become much more efficient with how it uses water but unfortunately most households have not yet caught up and are still using outdated, water guzzling appliances. Replacing old leaky pipes, for example, could save up to 10,000 litres of water over the course of a year. Older model dishwashers can use up to 50 litres of water per cycle, whereas new models only use around 1/5 of that amount. Even your humble toilet could be costing you water with older toilets using three times as much water per flush as newer models do.

Public toilets are actually one of the worst offenders when it comes water wastage. Older urinals in public toilets can use up to 10 litres of water every time someone flushes. In many businesses and public institutions, the urinals in the male toilets can make up a substantial portion of that organisation’s water usage.

One easy solution that many workplaces have started to introduce is waterless urinals. These look and function like regular urinals but instead of using water to flush, they rely solely on gravity. They also employ some form of deodorisation system to neutralise unwanted smells. These waterless urinals can save thousands of litres of water every year. They are so effective that when the state of Arizona in the United States was going through a drought in 2005, they were made mandatory for all public institutions.

Saving water doesn’t have to be a chore. By simply updating our appliances and making small changes to the ways we use water, we can help ensure that there is plenty of H2O to go around.

If you’re interesting in changing your water usage habits or want more information about our Zeroflush waterless urinals we’d be happy to help. Contact us via email or give us a call today.

Toilet Odours Create Critical Business Perceptions

Man Pointing At You With Hand Holding Nose Because Bad StinkToilet odours will immediately create a positive first impression or a negative first impression about your business for your clients when they walk into your toilet facilities.

If your toilet facilities are clean and have a fresh clean smell it immediately creates a great experience that triggers positive and powerful memories. But if they are a mess with unpleasant odours then the experience becomes negative which impacts on the perceptions that clients have of your business.

Aquatemp’s enzyme cleaning technology products can be used to eliminate odours to ensure your clients will always experience a fresh clean smell and a positive first impression.

Every persons sense of smell is automatically connected to their memory and perception of your business. In fact your clients sense of smell is a powerful activator in ensuring they keep returning to your business. Did you know that:

  • except for identical twins every person has a unique odour identity
  • clients will recall the smells associated with your business clearly up to a year after their last visit 66% of the time
  • the human brain will process as many as 10000 different smells in a very small area
  • smells link directly to a persons memory and emotions more than any other sense
  • a smell creates an immediate emotional reaction whereas vision, taste and sound is the opposite in that we identify what we are seeing, tasting or hearing first then emotionally reacting
  • a mans sense of smell is weaker than a woman’s which is why a fresh clean smell in female toilet facilities is critical to your business
  • the ability to smell and identify odours increase throughout the day
  • our sense of taste is controlled mainly by our sense of smell
  • constant exposure to unpleasant odours reduces your ability to smell

Your business growth can be impacted so quickly by unpleasant odours that it is to everyone’s benefit to partner with Aquatemp and eliminate malodours in your toilet facilities.


Mould The Silent Killer in Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Mould growing in the wall & floor corners of a hotel shower at the Como Hotel in Melbourne

Mould growing in the wall & floor corners of a hotel shower

Mould and or mildew are extremely common in bathrooms and kitchens. With November being Lung Cancer Awareness Month it provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the effect of mould and it’s harmful effects to your lungs and respiratory system.

It is an unfortunate truth in homes, hotels, gyms and workplace showers that their bathrooms are a natural breeding grounds for mould and mildew. As you can see in the photo on the right mould will grow and multiply in damp, dark environments that is a bathroom. It is a further unfortunate truth that the mould spores in a shower are constantly disturbed by you using the shower making them become airborne.

Once these millions of mould spores are airborne they are easily inhaled in a shower. This is why they are described as mould the silent killer and is why Cancer Australia is actively promoting healthy lungs and asking “what’s your cough telling you” and encouraging you to download their brochure.

Even the smallest of mould areas in your kitchen or bathroom should be attacked quickly and decisively. Corrosive chemicals are not the solution. Bleaches are not the solution as they are little more than masking agents. Aquatemp has a range of natural plant based enzyme products that will not only solve mould outbreaks but will prevent them reoccurring.

Mould in areas such as tiles grout is treated by spraying the effected area with our mould & mildew spray whilst cleaning the area with a stiff brush. Then leave the area for 5 minutes before rinsing it with clean water. Heavy infiltration of mould it will require repeated applications to completely remove the mould.

Aquatemp has enjoyed remarkable success with our plant based enzyme products in removing mould. Every problem we have utilised it on for our clients has exceeded their expectations because nature has the solutions.

Fines For Using Non-WaterMark Certification Plumbing Products

WaterMark logo under WaterMark Certification SchemeIt is positive to see some jurisdictions in Australia are upholding the law and fining companies and individuals who continually flout the law in regard to using non-certified, non-WaterMarked plumbing products.

In Western Australia the Building Services Board has recently fined Choi Homes Pty Ltd (Reg. BC13447) and Graham Bryers (BP11649) for negligence under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011. Until February 2015, Choi Homes and Graham Bryers were supplying and requiring licensed plumbers to install non-certified WaterMark, plumbing products from China including sink mixer taps, shower heads, bath tubs and pop up drains.

To its credit Choi Homes has now replaced all of the non-certified and non-WaterMarked plumbing products. However the Building Services Board found that Choi Homes and Graham Bryers were negligent as they failed to have in place systems to ensure compliance with the WaterMark Certification Scheme.

It is law in every state and territory in Australia that all materials and products used in any plumbing installation in any building must comply with the requirements of the WaterMark Certification Scheme.

Very simply the WaterMark Certification Scheme is a mandatory certification scheme administered by the Australian Building Codes Board and is the safeguard for the entire community to ensure all plumbing and drainage material and products installed are fit for purpose to be used in Australia. It applies to all products whether they are manufactured in Australia or not. Every product authorised to be used is marked with the WaterMark logo that you can see above.

Failure to install WaterMark products cannot only compromise public health and safety resulting in property damage, disease and injury but will in all likelihood see insurance claims declared null and void for deliberately breaking the law.

When purchasing or installing any plumbing product you need to ensure it always has the WaterMark logo.

Cleaners Are Breaking The Law by Servicing Any Waterless Urinal

Very simply if any person other than a licensed plumber undertakes service or maintenance of any waterless urinal then they are breaking the law. In fact every person involved in either directing or instructing or supervising or the performance of servicing the urinal work is individually liable for a fine of up to $19437.00

The video above shows what it looks like when you remove the insert from a ZeroFlush waterless urinal. This illustrates perfectly the inside of a ZeroFlush waterless urinal housing that uses the older style insert and odour barrier oil operating system is like when it requires servicing and the insert is removed.

Servicing a urinal is not pleasant work even for a trained plumber so imagine what it must feel like to an untrained cleaner. The act of removing the insert is unequivocally breaking the law unless it is undertaken by a licensed plumber.

Plumbers unlike cleaners are trained to undertake tasks such as clearing of drains or working on toilets or urinals. All of these tasks require specialised training, diagnostic skills and an awareness of health and safety issues. Above all plumbers are licensed to undertake the work by the government plumbing regulator, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission who are legally required to protect public health and safety through the plumbing and drainage licensing system.

A waterless urinal is an integral part of any building plumbing system and therefore must be installed, serviced and maintained in accordance with the:

  • manufacturers instructions
  • WaterMark Certification Scheme
  • the Plumbing Code of Australia
  • the national plumbing and drainage standard AS/NZS 3500.2:2015
  • all relevant statutory and local codes in the state or territory in which the urinal is installed

There is a common misconception that servicing a waterless urinal is part of the general cleaning requirements of a urinal.

All waterless urinals in Australia require servicing where a component part is replaced or disconnected from the plumbing or drainage system for maintenance or servicing. Performing of this maintenance or servicing work can only be legally undertaken by a licensed plumber.

ZeroFlush waterless urinal ZF101 waterless urinal where cleaners have broken the insert and replaced it with a grate & urinal mat to try and hide escaping sewer odours

ZF101 waterless urinal where cleaners have broken the insert and replaced it with a grate & urinal mat to try and hide escaping sewer odours

Whenever we investigate complaints that ZeroFlush waterless urinals are faulty or stink we find in 99% of cases defective servicing is the issue not the urinal.

Further investigation invariably finds that the cleaners are illegally undertaking all of the servicing under the instruction of building owners or facility managers. The urinals in these buildings stink as they do not use the correct WaterMarked parts and reuse parts over and over again that are not designed to be reused.

ZeroFlush waterless urinals servicing is detailed in the routine maintenance instructions and must be undertaken by a licensed plumber in accordance with the requirements of the Plumbing & Drainage Act 2002, Plumbing & Drainage Regulations 2003 and Standard Plumbing & Drainage Regulation 2003.

All work undertaken on fixtures, fittings or pipes that are part of a plumbing and drainage system are regulated work. The servicing or maintenance requirements of a waterless urinal are classified as Minor Work by schedule 3 of Standard Plumbing & Drainage Regulation 2003 and is covered under the following clauses:

  • Clause 1: work necessary for replacing, maintaining, repairing or removing a fitting or fixture
  • Clause 2:  work necessary for repairing a broken or damaged pipework necessary for installing,
  • Clause 3: replacing, maintaining, repairing or removing an apparatus…..
  • Clause 6: work necessary for unblocking a pipe that is sanitary plumbing or sanitary drainage

The Plumbing & Drainage Act 2002 details in part 6A, General Offences the following:

Clause 119

Offences by persons not holding appropriate licence:

A person must not perform, direct the performance of, or supervise, work for which a licence is required unless the person holds a licence that entitles the person to perform the work.

Maximum penalty- 165 penalty units or $19437

Clause 120

Offence of directing or supervising unlicensed work

A licensed person for work must not direct someone else to perform the work, or supervise someone else in the performance of the work, if—
(a) under this Act, a licence is required to perform the work; and
(b) the other person is not a licensed person for the work.

Maximum penalty—165 penalty units or $19437

Cleaners who are required and frequently forced by their supervisors and employers to undertake plumbing tasks at the behest of building owners and managers are all breaking the following laws and regulations:

  • Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code
  • Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002
  • Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003
  • Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003

Aquatemp recommends that cleaners protect themselves from potential infections and or fines and  refuse to break the law. Always ensure that licensed plumbers undertake all servicing on any urinal whether it be water flushing or waterless.

Desert Urinal Cartridges Are Illegal In ZeroFlush Urinals

ZeroFlush ZF201 waterless urinal illegally fitted with Desert urinal cartridge creating foul odours and blockages

ZeroFlush ZF201 waterless urinal illegally fitted with Desert urinal cartridge that caused foul odours to be emitted plus made the urinal slow to drain

The use of Desert urinal cartridges as a substitute or retrofitted waterless urinal operating system is illegal and not approved on ZeroFlush waterless urinals.

Claims by Desert that their unique urinal cartridge is reusable and can fit nearly all waterless urinal brands is deceptive and deceitful.

The simple fact is that Desert has no WaterMarked approved urinal cartridge that have been tested, certified and approved for use in:

  • ZeroFlush waterless urinals
  • Uridan waterless urinals
  • Urimat waterless urinals
  • Waterless or GHB waterless urinals
  • Caroma H2O waterless urinal
  • Britex waterless urinals
  • Stoddart waterless urinals

Do not be fooled if representatives or distributors of Desert Eco System Company tell you that their waterless urinal cartridge can be retrofitted to any waterless urinal because quite simply they are LIARS.

Worst of all they are leaving you wide open to possible legal action from manufacturers, state government plumbing authorities and possibly the most frightening of all from no-win no-pay law firms under breaches of Workplace, Health and Safety legislation.

Desert urinal cartridge illegally installed in ZeroFlush waterless urinals

part of the defective Desert urinal cartridge illegally installed in ZeroFlush waterless urinals creating foul stomach turning odours

The Desert urinal cartridges are only approved for use in one waterless urinal and that is the Desert No Flush urinal.

Desert Eco System Company has long existed on making dubious claims offering simplistic answers to complex problems.

 When many Australian cities were gripped by drought and water shortages in 2006-09 companies such as Desert sprung up everywhere to take advantage of government subsidies. In those days they were known as Desert Eco claiming that their blue pill called the Desert urinal cube could turn your water flushing urinal into a waterless urinal and save you thousands of dollars every year. This of course was illegal but they failed to inform consumers of their products of this.

  The Desert Eco blue pill or urinal cube did untold damage to urinals with blockages and odours. In 2010 amendments to AS/NZS 3500.2-2003 which is part of the Plumbing Code of Australia were introduced to clarify once and for all that converting water flushing urinals to waterless urinals was illegal. This was under clause 11.24.3 Conversion to waterless urinals: Urinals shall not be converted into waterless urinals unless the wall-hung or slab urinal has been authorised for use as a waterless urinal, and the requirements of Clauses and have been satisfied. 

As a manufacturer it is incredibly frustrating to get phone calls telling us that ZeroFlush urinals are defective, stink and do not work. When we investigate this we find the problem is not the ZeroFlush waterless urinal but rather simple servicing is being undertaken in a non-compliant manner. Often the cause is installation of untested, unapproved and illegal after market systems such as Desert urinal cartridges or Enswico Key-System urinal wastes.

ZeroFlush waterless urinals are all WaterMark approved having undergone incredibly stringent testing and certification in their entirety so that they are compliant under Australian law with ATS 5200.469 which is the Australian technical specification for waterless urinals. This guarantees performance and protects consumers.

Be aware that under Australian consumer laws if you have installed Desert urinal cartridges in any waterless urinal other than the Desert No Flush urinal based on the dubious claims made to you by representatives of Desert Eco System Company then you are not only entitled to a refund of all your money but also compensation to pay for your waterless urinals being returned to a legally compliant status as per your waterless urinals WaterMark certification.


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