Oxijet for Female Fixed Rose

Oxijet shower head instructionsOxijet Shower head instructionsOxijet Shower head instructions
    1. Unscrew the Oxijet Air Shower rose from the stem.
    2. Ensure there is no lime and calcium build up in the rose. Any restrictor after the Oxijet™ will reduce its effectiveness. Restrictors may include limescale, or simply restriction in the shower head or handpiece itself.*To remove lime and calcium build up: Soak rose in a water and white vinegar solution.

Oxijet Female Shower head

  1. Remove any flow restrictors from the rose.
  2. Ensure there is no flow restrictor built into the rose.NB: If this can’t be removed, your Oxijet™ may not aerate to its full potential.
  3. With the washer left inside the rose, screw the pink Oxijet™ into the rose. The water flow should flow in the same direction as the arrow on the Oxijet™. Ensure any washer supplied is in place before securing the Oxijet™.
  4. Screw the Oxijet ™ Air Shower Female rose into the stem.

Note: The Oxijet™ is optimised for Felton fixed shower roses. Only use with non-restrictive (all pressures) fixed roses. Compatible with DN15 (1/2″) threads and may not be compatible with some fixed roses.

Operating pressures : Minimum 300 kPa | Maximum 1000 kPa

Operating temperature : Maximum 80°C

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