Commercial Applications

Pipe Shield Ensures Greater Productivity in

Commercial Applications,

Significant Savings, and Improved Water Quality in High-Rise Buildings.

Piping or storage tanks in commercial buildings, industrial plants, and manufacturing plants are no less susceptible to corrosion and deterioration than any other piping reticulation system. In many commercial applications, they are more susceptible.

Commercial Application of Pipe Shield within the Medical Practice

While replacement may be necessary in some commercial and industrial applications, the Pipe Shield epoxy coating process gets the job done faster and more affordably, provided that the leak, crack, or corrosion is identified in time.

To help determine if you have a current or imminent problem, contact us to arrange a thorough inspection of any of these piping or storage systems: concrete storage tank, metal storage tank, storm water drain, sewer drain, hot and cold water reticulation systems, or any other piping or storage system.

Our technologically superior process can help you avoid:

  • Damage to your buildings, walls, ceilings and/or underground facilities.
  • Expensive repairs, especially where aesthetic appeal is a factor.
  • Lost productivity.
  • Possible health hazards.
  • Relocating occupants or employees.

Specific Commercial Applications

Pipe Shield is ideal for these and other end-use applications:

commercial applications for cleaning fluids in commercial kitchen

  • Commercial, including high-rise buildings, shopping centres, and other establishments.
  • Educational facilities.
  • Health care facilities, including hospitals, walk-in centres, and more.
  • Retail locations, including restaurants and other facilities.
  • Industrial plants where loss of production from leaking pipes and pumps can prove costly.
  • Cultural & recreational facilities, especially where swimming pools, spas, and saunas are located.

Is Pipe Shield the right choice for your facility?

We’re here to help you find out. Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation.


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