Product Benefits

Pipe Shield Product Benefits….

Saves Money and Improves the Quality of Your Drinking Water!

Most water piping systems currently in use, especially those in high-rise buildings, are copper-based alloys.

corroded pipes showing how Pipe Shield can benefit

And yet, copper piping is susceptible to corrosion and wear due to various environmental factors. The expected life span of copper piping is generally 15-25 years, though in reality 10 years is more often the norm.

Pipe Shield Product Benefits:

Pipe Shield features a thin, smooth coating and hard gloss finish with excellent water resistance. This patented coating enhances flow capacity even for the most corroded of pipes and enables the same amount of water to flow with reduced pressure…thus helping to effect increased water savings. The coating is pinhole-free and resists blistering to a high degree of effectiveness.

Pipe Shield keeps corrosion out, not to mention associated water impurities. That’s where the savings and improved water quality come in, along with huge long-term savings.

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