The Pipe Shield Process

Pipe Shield Delivers “Better than New” Results.

By Design.

Government water restrictions and mandates for cleaner water have caused building owners in recent years to over-clean their water supplies.

So, with added amounts of aluminum, chlorides, and other chemicals flowing through pipes on a more regular basis, the copper surface has become increasingly prone to pinhole invasion.

That causes water leaks, water pollution…and a potentially huge expense in pipe replacement.

That’s why Pipe Shield was invented.

Pipe Shield's Process

Click for full-size diagram of the process

Pipe Shield employs compressed air technology to apply an epoxy liner to the inside surface of small-diameter pipes (1/2″ and larger). Piping systems for domestic hot and cold water, heating, and process piping are rehabilitated in place without the aftermath, associated with conventional repair methods, of costly renovation work to walls, ceilings, and floors.


The epoxy coating is applied after the existing pipe is dried and cleaned by compressed air and an abrasive material. To ensure a high quality end result, we employ a fiber optic video scope capable of passing through a 3/8″ pipe at all stages of the process. The Pipe Shield process is a quick, clean, and economical solution for restoring aged, galvanized lead and copper piping systems to a better-than-new performance and condition.

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