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Waterless Urinals Are Cost Effective & Save You Water

ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals ® are environmentally and water conservation urinals that save energy, save water and eliminate odour naturally.  Zeroflush Waterless Urinals ® are a specialty of Aquatemp.

We also cater to the variety of Urinals for office, restaurants, Councils etc and would be happy to assist you with the different styles and sizes of Urinals on the market today.

Waterless urinals have been around for 20 years now having become available in the mid 1990’s.zeroflush-waterless-urinals

Depending on your perspective they are beginning to gain widespread acceptance coupled with notoriety. But in a time where water is becoming increasingly expensive in commercial buildings, getting rid of the flushing urinal is an excellent way to reduce overheads and operational maintenance costs.

The Zeroflush Urinals system is a patented design which will save you hundreds on your annual water bill, whilst effectively helping the environment and waste infrastructures. ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals are built to last and to save you time on maintenance and costs, plus they have a highly significant advantage to our environment.

The concept of a waterless urinal is simple. Human male urine is approximately 96% water, so why use water to move water?

The ZeroFlush® urinal trap utilises a time tested, proven method and technology to move urine into the waste system and eliminate urinal odours.

More built-in design advantages:

  • No full cartridges to dispose of.
  • Largest trap – averages 15,000 uses before any maintenance is required.
  • No refilling traps between maintenance cycles.
  • Trouble-free design – eliminates all the problems and hassles of a mechanical valves system.
  • Designed to reduce splash-back.
  • Reduced maintenance time and costs.
  • Odour barrier is 100% natural and biodegradable – no harsh chemicals.
  • No special cleaning fluids required.
  • Green option gives you the ability to clean & reuse the drain insert.
  • Porcelain models are made of high-grade, non-porous, double-glazed vitreous China


Call us for more information on waterless urinals and standard urinals. (07)  5502 3248


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