Fines For Using Non-WaterMark Certification Plumbing Products

It is positive to see some jurisdictions in Australia are upholding the law and fining companies and individuals who continually flout the law in regard to using non-certified, non-WaterMarked plumbing products.

In Western Australia the Building Services Board has recently fined Choi Homes Pty Ltd (Reg. BC13447) and Graham Bryers (BP11649) for negligence under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011. Until February 2015, Choi Homes and Graham Bryers were supplying and requiring licensed plumbers to install non-certified WaterMark, plumbing products from China including sink mixer taps, shower heads, bath tubs and pop up drains.

To its credit Choi Homes has now replaced all of the non-certified and non-WaterMarked plumbing products. However the Building Services Board found that Choi Homes and Graham Bryers were negligent as they failed to have in place systems to ensure compliance with the WaterMark Certification Scheme.

It is law in every state and territory in Australia that all materials and products used in any plumbing installation in any building must comply with the requirements of the WaterMark Certification Scheme.

Very simply the WaterMark Certification Scheme is a mandatory certification scheme administered by the Australian Building Codes Board and is the safeguard for the entire community to ensure all plumbing and drainage material and products installed are fit for purpose to be used in Australia. It applies to all products whether they are manufactured in Australia or not. Every product authorised to be used is marked with the WaterMark logo that you can see above.

Failure to install WaterMark products cannot only compromise public health and safety resulting in property damage, disease and injury but will in all likelihood see insurance claims declared null and void for deliberately breaking the law.

When purchasing or installing any plumbing product you need to ensure it always has the WaterMark logo.