Fresh & Green Inserts Are Not a Compliant Urinal System

We are increasingly coming across installation in a variety of waterless and water flushing urinals a product called Fresh & Green sold by Alsco who are the Australian distributor of the Whiffaway biological cartridges and cleaning products which they market under Fresh & Green.

Fresh & Green inserts are not approved for use in ZeroFlush or any other urinal. Its installation into a ZeroFlush urinal immediately negates our WaterMark approval and invalidates our standard 5 year warranty.

Fresh & Green is a substandard inferior product with no WaterMark approval for use in waterless urinals and no approval from manufacturers for its installation in any urinal. Fresh & Green inserts are a one product fit all solution. Fresh & Green inserts are an appalling product that essentially leave an open sewer connection on the urinal which emits foul odours. Invariably the urinal manufacturer's get the blame for their product being defective when the problem is the servicing being done in a non-compliant manner by installing non approved Fresh & Green inserts rather than the tested and WaterMark approved consumer-able products to save a few dollars.

The installation of a non WaterMark approved product is an offense under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 resulting in anyone involved in its installation liable to substantial financial penalties.

The poor performance of Fresh & Green can be seen in the photo on the left. We were called into investigate the constant complaints of sewer odour which was escaping from the bathroom into public area every time the door was opened. As can be seen by the staining there was no seal between the stainless steel rim and the Fresh & Green insert allowing uric salts to build up which emit an odour in their own right. This lack of seal also was allowing the sewer gases circulating in the drainage system to be constantly emitting into the bathroom.

The buildup of uric salt was inside the ZeroFlush housing and in the drainage system servicing the urinals. This resulted in our having to clear the drains with high pressure water-jetting equipment to remove the uric salt which adheres tightly to the walls of PVC piping.

The next photo on the right highlights even further the failure of Fresh & Green to fulfill what it is allegedly designed to do in providing a sealed trap to the urinal which only opens when urine is discharged into the urinal. As can be clearly seen the trap seal is clogged full of uric salt and pubic hair. As a result this too is emitting an odour from this clogged material in what is allegedly a trap to prevent odour emission escaping from the drain.

Products such as Fresh & Green fit into the category of products sold and installed as replacement parts for genuine parts where there is no concern that it works as long as it is cheap. Genuine parts for not only ZeroFlush but all WaterMark approved urinals have undergone rigorous testing at great cost to ensure they perform in accordance with Australian Technical Standard, ATS 5200.459 and the Plumbing Code of Australia before they are granted a WaterMark approval by certifying organisations.

Building owners who install non approved products also leave themselves liable to substantial civil claims where patrons of their bathrooms are overcome or effected by escaping sewer gases from an urinal. Invariably there are chemical masking agents installed to try and mask these odours.

There is simply no excuse to install non approved or non compliant product in ZeroFlush waterless urinals and where we find the product installed we are legally obliged to report it to the appropriate authorities.