Green Cartridge Is Not Approved

The Green Cartridge is not approved in any urinal for retrofitting a urinal cartridge. Green Cartridge is a product manufactured in the United States by LiquidBreaker, primarily designed to be retrofitted into Falcon waterless urinals manufactured by Falcon Waterfree Technologies.

In Australia the Green Cartridge is imported and sold by Bio Natural Solutions of 15/49-55 Garden Drive, Tullamarine,  Victoria 3043.

Bio Natural Solutions claim amongst other things that, "The Green Cartridge is an alternate to Falcon Waterfree®, Uridan®, Urimat®, Waterless No-flushTM, Caroma®, Sloan®, Rubbermaid®, American Standard®, Waterless Company®, Zurn® and Zero Flush® urinal cartridges." This is misleading and deceptive for the following reasons:

  • as only a couple of these urinals use replaceable cartridges
  • Green Cartridge has no approval to be used as an alternate product in any brand of waterless urinal

Even more concerning is that Green Cartridge is not a compliant or approved or authorised system to be used in waterless urinals. The facts are simply:

  • Green Cartridge urinal cartridge does not have WaterMark approval to be used in waterless urinals as they have never been tested or approved to ATS 5200.469 which is the Australian technical specification for products to be used in waterless or limited flush urinals with an integral sealing device.
  • Green Cartridge urinal cartridge have no WaterMark approval under ATS 5200.459:2004 Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage products, Part 459: Waterless urinals—Wall-hung to be an integral part of a waterless urinal
  • In the United States the Green Cartridge has been withdrawn from sale after Falcon Waterfree Technologies commenced litigation against LiquidBreaker in the Superior Court of the State of California.

Green Cartridge is a substandard inferior product with no WaterMark and no approval from manufacturers for its installation in any urinal. Green Cartridge is a one product fit all solution which has never been tested to work specifically with ZeroFlush waterless urinals or any other urinal that we are aware of. All evidence of its use in an operational urinal is that Green Cartridge fails to create a seal that essentially leave an open sewer connection on the urinal which emit foul odours. Invariably the urinal manufacturer’s get the blame for their product being defective when the problem is the servicing being done in a non-compliant manner by installing non approved Green Cartridge urinal cartridges rather than the tested, certified and WaterMark approved consumerable products to save a few dollars.

Under Australian consumer laws if you have brought and installed Green Cartridge urinal cartridges based on representations made by Bio Natural Solutions or their representatives then you are not only entitled to a refund but also compensation to have your urinals brought back to a legally compliant status just as what is now occurring in the United States.