Mould The Silent Killer in Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Mould and or mildew are extremely common in bathrooms and kitchens. With November being Lung Cancer Awareness Month it provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the effect of mould and it's harmful effects to your lungs and respiratory system.

It is an unfortunate truth in homes, hotels, gyms and workplace showers that their bathrooms are a natural breeding grounds for mould and mildew. As you can see in the photo on the right mould will grow and multiply in damp, dark environments that is a bathroom. It is a further unfortunate truth that the mould spores in a shower are constantly disturbed by you using the shower making them become airborne.

Once these millions of mould spores are airborne they are easily inhaled in a shower. This is why they are described as mould the silent killer and is why Cancer Australia is actively promoting healthy lungs and asking "what's your cough telling you" and encouraging you to download their brochure.

Even the smallest of mould areas in your kitchen or bathroom should be attacked quickly and decisively. Corrosive chemicals are not the solution. Bleaches are not the solution as they are little more than masking agents. Aquatemp has a range of natural plant based enzyme products that will not only solve mould outbreaks but will prevent them reoccurring.

Mould in areas such as tiles grout is treated by spraying the effected area with our mould & mildew spray whilst cleaning the area with a stiff brush. Then leave the area for 5 minutes before rinsing it with clean water. Heavy infiltration of mould it will require repeated applications to completely remove the mould.

Aquatemp has enjoyed remarkable success with our plant based enzyme products in removing mould. Every problem we have utilised it on for our clients has exceeded their expectations because nature has the solutions.