Only in Japan - New Urinal Game to Reduce The Splash

It used to be said only in America but when it comes to weird and wacky toilet humour Japan leads the world. Toilet humour and raunchy gags are a staple of far from high-brow variety shows in Japan.

Invented for the Japanese bar and restaurant market by Sega their new game console is urine powered. Called the "Toylet" this brand new urinal is definitely another kind of urinal. This one comes with a video game and at the moment is strictly for men.   Three years ago the "Toylet" was just a pipe-dream for developers at Japanese video game maker Sega, but now the urinal video game has been rolled out at pubs, bars and restaurants across Japan.

Very simple to play  when bar patrons use these urinals they target their urine at a sensor inside the urinal which measures intensity, volume and speed of the passing of urine. The game software then match's their progress in intensity, volume and speed in passing urine in a selection of five video games in a console mounted at the top of the urinal.  "At first, we thought it would really be only young people who would like this kind of game. But ... we're seeing this phenomenon where people are enjoying playing with it, regardless of age," said Hirotaka Machida, the console's lead producer at Sega.

At 150,000 yen or $1860 Australian dollars for a single urinal they are much more expensive than a standard urinal. Sega had only ever planned that they be used in pubs, bars and restaurants and to avoid the consumer market, but tests in pubs and restaurants showed it had broad appeal where there was demand from the public to purchase the urinal.

As managers and staff who have to service the toilets and around the urinals in Australian bars and pubs are only too well aware the mess or splash factor around urinals is an ongoing issue. Sega have covered the splash factor using an infra-red device that cuts off play if gamers stray too far from the urinal, reducing the amount of mess caused by splash.

Not approved for use in Australia the Sega urinals would according to one bar manager be a further source of confrontation and vandalism in a his bar and there is no way he would contemplate installing them. To see more on You Tube of the Sega urine powered game console urinal click here.