Sustainability Is Always At The Forefront Of Our Thinking

Sustainability, green, environmental and conservation are all words that have been devalued in recent years. They have become buzz words for selling of products and services with dubious links to what those words originally stood for.

Aquatemp Environmental Solutions was established to promote water sustainability so that it would become a way of thinking, acting and living. Water sustainability is primarily about balancing the practical decisions with the economic benefits while focusing on delivering a truly sustainable product. We like many companies pay vast sums of money to have our products tested and approved then get incredibly frustrated when we see our products and solutions devalued by failure to maintain the product as per our instructions or the substitution of working parts with cheap non-compliant and untested parts by hygiene companies.

Despite the frustrations it is still truly an exciting time to work in water sustainability and for Aquatemp it is particularly exciting with the release of our new EnviroSeal system for our ZeroFlush waterless urinals. This is a huge leap forward to next generation waterless technology. Coupled with this will be the release of a new hybrid urinal in 2013 with the fusion of waterless and water flushing technologies.

Ultimately the technology of next generation sustainability will prevail to satisfy the demands for products that are truly innovate and sustainable. Our commitment to environmental water sustainability is always at the forefront of our thinking.