Toilet Odours Create Critical Business Perceptions

Toilet odours will immediately create a positive first impression or a negative first impression about your business for your clients when they walk into your toilet facilities.

If your toilet facilities are clean and have a fresh clean smell it immediately creates a great experience that triggers positive and powerful memories. But if they are a mess with unpleasant odours then the experience becomes negative which impacts on the perceptions that clients have of your business.

Aquatemp's enzyme cleaning technology products can be used to eliminate odours to ensure your clients will always experience a fresh clean smell and a positive first impression.

Every persons sense of smell is automatically connected to their memory and perception of your business. In fact your clients sense of smell is a powerful activator in ensuring they keep returning to your business. Did you know that:

  • except for identical twins every person has a unique odour identity
  • clients will recall the smells associated with your business clearly up to a year after their last visit 66% of the time
  • the human brain will process as many as 10000 different smells in a very small area
  • smells link directly to a persons memory and emotions more than any other sense
  • a smell creates an immediate emotional reaction whereas vision, taste and sound is the opposite in that we identify what we are seeing, tasting or hearing first then emotionally reacting
  • a mans sense of smell is weaker than a woman's which is why a fresh clean smell in female toilet facilities is critical to your business
  • the ability to smell and identify odours increase throughout the day
  • our sense of taste is controlled mainly by our sense of smell
  • constant exposure to unpleasant odours reduces your ability to smell

Your business growth can be impacted so quickly by unpleasant odours that it is to everyone's benefit to partner with Aquatemp and eliminate malodours in your toilet facilities.