Taqua T-1 Built-In Water Filter Tap
Taqua T-1 Built-In Water Filter Tap
Taqua T-1 Built-In Water Filter Tap
Taqua T-1 Built-In Water Filter Tap
Taqua T-1 Built-In Water Filter Tap
Taqua T-1 Built-In Water Filter Tap

Taqua T-1 Built-In Water Filter Tap

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Aquatemp has partnered with Taqua to provide you with Japan’s best selling built-in filtration sink mixer. As a result, filtered water directly from your kitchen sink mixer tap is now a reality in Australia.

Taqua is Japanese engineering at its finest, producing filtered water from your tap. This revolutionary kitchen mixer tap is a pull-out spray with a water filter inside it. Building the water filter into the tap eliminates the need for a separate water filter in your cupboard or on your bench.

The high-quality filtered water system tap features in the Taqua T-1 are: 

  • Taqua's unique filtration channel and automatic cleaning system work to filter a massive 4 litres of water every minute.
  • The sterilising ceramic materials also keep bacteria out of the filter tap, ensuring
    the highest standard of cleanliness possible.
  • Micro-filter to eliminate & remove fine dirt particles
  • Taqua's water filters remove chlorine and impurities from your tap water but retain the minerals your body needs
  • Activated carbon and ion exchanger that eliminates unpleasant odours 
  • Self-cleaning functionality keeps the cartridge from clogging and reducing water pressure
  • With the touch of a button on the front of the tap, you can choose between tap water to filtered water with the ON/OFF indicator letting you know whether filtered water or tap water is flowing
  • Three flow options with "Eco-shower" mode, which saves 20% of the water flow in spray mode, or you can activate the switch to have "normal" mode or "shower" mode
  • Great for washing vegetables and rice


The water authority providers add chlorine to tap water as a necessary method of sterilisation. However, it breaks down the vitamins in fruit and vegetables and can also have an unpleasant taste.

Taqua's water filters remove chlorine and impurities from water but retain the minerals, including fluoride, that your body needs, transforming tap water into water that tastes better and is safer to consume. Don't settle for second best with any of the water you consume.

In addition, Taqua taps are manufactured from lead-free materials ensuring your filtered water is risk-free from lead leaching.

These features ensure that clean filtered water is readily available whenever you need it.