The ORC Overflow Relief Cap Prevents Stormwater Infiltration Into Sewer Drains

The Problem


non compliant overflow relief gully or ORG allowing stormwater infiltration into sewer drain repaired by Whywait Plumbing Services

non-compliant overflow relief gully or ORG allowing stormwater infiltration into the sewer drain

Overflowing stormwater and overland ground flow during storms or long rainfall events have always been a problem in Queensland. This is due to ground flow water flowing into the sewer drains through illegal or non-compliant house overflow relief gullies or ORG’s. This water flow is termed rapid flow infiltration.

Environmentally this rapid flow infiltration is potentially catastrophic. Stormwater infiltration into sewers potentially leads to failure of sewer infrastructure resulting in sewerage overflowing through manholes onto the ground and flowing into creeks, rivers, lakes and out to sea.

With Queensland storms, rapid flow infiltration into sewers peaks quickly with an estimated 40% of all stormwater infiltration into sewers originating from non-compliant house overflow relief gullies or ORG’s.

The Environmental Solution

The solution for Queensland councils, water authorities, plumbers and individual households is the simple installation of an ORC anti infiltration Overflow Relief Cap.

Whywait Plumbing installed an ORC Overflow Relief Cap ensuring compliant ORG with no stormwater infiltration into the sewer drain

an installed ORC Overflow Relief Cap ensuring compliant ORG with NO stormwater infiltration into sewer drain

The environmental benefits to the community of reducing rainwater infiltration into sewers  by installing an ORC are:

  • 40% reduction of rapid flow infiltration of rainwater into sewers from house ORG’s
  • reduction in sewer surcharge overflows during storms
  • reduced capital expenditure for Queensland councils and water authorities on sewer storage capacity
  • reduced capital expenditure on sewer pumping capacity
  • reduction in capital expenditure on sewerage treatment

The Benefits of Installing An Overflow Relief Cap

Simply the ORC overflow relief cap prevents stormwater from entering the house sewer drain at the overflow relief gully or ORG because the ORC replaces the traditional open grate on an ORG.

The ORC overflow relief cap is guaranteed to protect every home from sewerage infiltration should the sewer system fail and surcharge. The ORC cap will pop up to ensure the ORG works as designed to allow sewerage effluent to discharge onto the ground and protect the interior of the home.

The ORC overflow relief cap is easily fitted into new homes or buildings as well as retrofitted into existing homes and buildings with these benefits:

  • always quick and simple to install
  • guaranteed to be retrofitted into any normal earthenware or PVC ORG
  • on new homes, it can be installed at 25mm above finished ground height rather than 75mm allowing for a lower ORG
  • reduces the ability of cane toads, rats and snakes to enter the sewer drains through the ORG
  • 12-month manufacturers warranty as long as the ORC is installed by a licensed plumber in accordance with the instructions and the cap is kept clear of all obstructions

Plumbing Standards Compliance

The ORC anti infiltration Overflow Relief Cap is manufactured in Australia and has WaterMark compliance to be used in any plumbing installation in Australia plus meets the following:

  • manufactured to comply with ATS 5200.501-2009
  • is approved for use in AS/NZS 3500.2:2015  Plumbing and Drainage – Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage
  • WaterMark certificate AGA-WM-060012-102-R00
  • Worldwide Patent PCT/AU2008/0002340

More Information & Purchasing Of ORC

ORC overflow relief cap supplied by Aquatemp Environmental Solutions Aquatemp ORC Brochure is available to download for further information on the ORC anti infiltration Overflow Relief Cap

Aquatemp has ample stock of ORC units and can supply you direct from our Coomera office or directly freight the product to you anywhere in Queensland.

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