Purleve Advantages

Yes, there are alternatives to Pūrleve™ hygienic door handles. And no, they aren’t pretty or hygienic.

Vandal prone, expensive, difficult-to-install, and unreliable automated doors that often result in delayed exits and increased frustration.

And best of all the ever-popular fistful of extra hand towels used to grab the exit handle—which, of course, inevitably ends up forming an unsightly, wet, and dirty pile on the restroom floor or spilling out of an overflowing garbage can.

The alternatives to Pūrleve™ hygienic door handles are generally expensive, wasteful, difficult to install or use – or all of the above.

  • Conversely, Pūrleve provides an inexpensive, reliable automatic hygienic solution that is cost-effective, provides thousands of uses before refilling, is simple to install and offers a truly “green” solution, using no paper and producing almost zero waste.
  • Operating at an estimated $0.013 per use, Pūrleve makes an extremely cost-effective solution.
  • Use of high-quality, economical materials in construction allows for an inexpensive product that does not require a lot of significant costly repair and maintenance.
  • Each of the three distinct categories easily mounts to any style of door, either replacing the current door handle or as a supplemental installation, working with the current handle in maintaining the aesthetic architecture of the environment.
  • The simplicity of the product results in a non-existent learning curve for patrons, as Pūrleve door handles function and react exactly as regular door handles.
  • Hassle-free design allows for the high-capacity refills to be installed with little effort.

Innovative product advancements to include “mini”-sized solutions, environmentally-friendly rechargeable power supply options and eco-friendlier material choices in 2015.