Purleve Benefits

There’s No Clean Like Pūrleve Clean.

From improved health and well-being to enhanced facility image and increased patronage, the benefits of a clean environment are great. As a critical component in the pursuit of cleaner public areas, Pūrleve™ also has many benefits.

Literally providing the finishing touch in an advanced, automated hygiene cycle, Pūrleve Hygienic Door Handles make a lasting impression. Using an antimicrobial treated material, Pūrleve hygiene products technology ensures that the final touch users are required to make when exiting restrooms and other public areas is a sanitary one.

Pūrleve also makes good financial sense. Helping to create a superior facility image for increasingly demanding patrons—all for a fraction of a penny per use.

Better health. Better image. Better manners. Better business. Clean is better, all the way around, and Pūrleve helps to make “clean” the last word in restroom hygiene.

Advancing an antimicrobial-treated sleeve with every use, Pūrleve reduces the amount of disease-causing germs and bacteria, helping in the global fight against germ cross-contamination.

As part of an advanced automatic hygiene cycle, a Pūrleve handle installed on the door helps to create a superior facility image, providing visitors assurance that they’re visiting a healthy environment within an establishment that caters to the well-being of their patrons.

Universality of design creates an unlimited global opportunity, with Pūrleve able to be easily retrofitted on any style of door worldwide.

The addition of Pūrleve—and the absence of costly wasted paper towels accumulating on the bathroom floor in a wet and dirty mess —makes visiting any public area a cleaner experience.

A simple interface and intuitive design strongly encourage compliance among users—particularly important in establishments that require more sanitary conditions.

Recyclable refills, an efficient power source and low power consumption provide an environmentally-friendly solution that is globally beneficial – and universally understood.

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