Purleve Products

Protect Your Family From Bacteria with Purleve

Did you know it only takes 100 Bacteria to infect a person? Within an hour 1000 bacteria on a dirty toilet door handle multiple to 16,000 bacteria! These are two of many good reasons to consider the Pūrleve™ range of Hygienic Door Handles.

So many doors, so many germs. With the help of Pūrleve™ products, Aquatemp is joining the fight to stop the spread of disease at the source.

Over 80% of infectious illness are transmitted by touch. 

Pūrleve products incorporate the proprietary ASD technology into three distinct categories, offering an antibacterial Pūrleve solution to fit in any environment. As Pūrleve functions exactly the same as a standard door handle, there are no additional adjustments that need to be made once the handle is installed. So no matter what type of door awaits, Pūrleve provides a cleaner way out.

One in three people DO NOT wash their hands after using the toilet. 

Smart, Simple Solution.

Intelligence isn’t an attribute often associated with door handles. But with the advent of the Pūrleve™ hygienic door handle, you might just want to rethink things next time you attempt to make a clean exit from a restroom or other public space.

Innovative Automatic Sleeve Dispenser (ASD) technology provides Pūrleve with the brains to know when its handle has been grasped and the smarts to do something about it—namely, advance its self-contained sleeve of antimicrobial-treated material to fully cover the handle and provide each user a completely sanitary touch.

Pūrleve is as simple as it is smart, functioning and reacting exactly as regular door handles do. Boasting an easy-to-use interface and available in three different categories, it’s simply the best choice for better hygiene, whatever the environment. Brilliant.