ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals

Eliminate a Major Source of Wasted Drinking Water…

ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals™ are environmentally and water conservation urinals that save energy, save water and eliminate odour naturally.

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ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals™ offer the best solution to water conservation for you, your clients and our planet. ZeroFlush has a prime objective to preserve our delicate environment and a commitment to conserve water.

The difference with ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals™  to any other model is their ongoing innovation, fundamental engineering, where countless hours were spent to ensure long-term performance, odour-free operation, ease of maintenance, and a positive return on investment.

Every ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal Is Australian Made

A major difference between ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals™ to every other urinal brand in Australia is that every urinal has been individually purpose built and tested in our Gold Coast factory.

Every urinal is built to order from locally sourced and imported parts.

This is why ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals are the only urinals in Australia that can offer you a choice of having your waste pipe outlet at the bottom of the urinal for floor outlets or on the side for wall outlets.

Every urinal is individually inspected and pressure tested for 24 hours before being packed and transported to ensure operational perfection.

What Makes ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Better?

Compare ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals™ to any other brands and you’ll discover that our product costs less to operate and maintain.

Our team of engineers has significantly enhanced the longevity of the ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal™ trap – it needs to be changed only about once every 15,000 uses. That nearly doubles the time between maintenance cycles compared to other waterless urinal systems.

More built-in design advantages in every ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal™:

  • No full cartridges to dispose of.
  • Largest trap – averages 15,000 uses before any maintenance is required.
  • No refilling traps between maintenance cycles.
  • Trouble-free design – eliminates all the problems and hassles of a mechanical valves system.
  • Designed to reduce splash-back.
  • Reduced maintenance time and costs.
  • Odour barrier is 100% natural and biodegradable – no harsh chemicals.
  • No special cleaning fluids required.
  • Green option gives you the ability to clean & reuse the drain insert.
  • Porcelain models are made of high-grade, non-porous, double-glazed vitreous China

How Can ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals™ Help Your Clients?

ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals are not only unique in functionality but benefit your clients. No Water means less Bacteria which normally build up around the public area and are then spread by users; the urinals are also ‘Touch Free’ – which means less opportunity for bacteria and germs to be passed on to others via touch and ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals™ are completely odour free – taking the nasty ‘mens room’ connotation away .

For more information on Zeroflush read our article on recycling urine and the power of waterless urinals.

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