Purleve hygienic door handle can avoid possible contact with the coronavirus

A Purleve hygenic door handle in your toilets will help in preventing Coronavirus spreading

If your businesses public bathrooms and toilets have a door to enter the bathroom area, then you can reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus by installing a hygienic self-cleaning door handle.

Pūrleve's Hygienic Door Handle Helps Fight the Spread of the Coronavirus

Your business could ultimately be held responsible for ensuring a safe and clean environment for both employees and customers. Even with all the publicity surrounding Coronavirus, over 30% of people using your public toilets will walk out without washing their hands. Every one of that 30 % will touch your door handle.

Door handle sanitation affects every person who enters through the door into public toilets and bathrooms. Every person using the bathroom facilities can be in a race to the bottom of personal hygiene.  Every person opening the door can be affected by poor personal hygiene habits of every other person who has opened the door before them.

Installation of a Purleve hygienic door handle provides an added level of protection to ensure employees and customers are unaffected by questionable hygiene habits of every other person using your businesses public toilet facilities.

 If you think a door handle cannot spread Coronavirus think again. Last week in China, the Guangzhou Centre for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that a DNA sample taken from a door handle at the home of a Coronavirus patient tested positive for the disease. Deputy-Director Zhang Zhoubin of Guangzhou Centre for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that Coronavirus is primarily spread via direct or indirect contact with infected objects. This means that people will expose themselves to an increased risk of infection if they handle food or rub their eyes after touching with their hands any object or surface already compromised by Coronavirus. This confirms the previous World Health Organisation briefings that Coronavirus can survive on indoor surfaces for up to five days.

Doors on the entrance to public bathrooms typically are home to a multitude of bacteria and virus strains. The majority of which carry disease-causing germs such as Coronavirus that continually multiply if not treated. Treatment is as simple as the installation of anti-bacterial Purleve hygienic door handles in your business. This creates a safer more inviting environment which contributes to increased cleanliness which will reduce overall maintenance costs.

A Purleve hygienic door handle has innovative automatic sleeve dispenser technology which ensures every person who touches the handle can be assured that the handle has never been touched by another person. Automatic sleeve dispenser technology has artificial intelligence to know when the handle has been touched. This ensures it advances another self-contained, never been touched sleeve to fully cover the handle which guarantees every person touches a completely hygienic and sanitary door handle.

Purleve hygienic door handle sleeve dispenser technology from Aquatemp Environmental Solutions

Reduced risk for your businesses customers and employees when leaving your public bathrooms makes good financial sense. This, in turn, creates a superior perception of your businesses sanitation combined with better health, better manners and a better business image.

Ultimately in today's world, every business needs to create a safe, clean environment for their customers and employees. Contact Aquatemp Environmental Solutions today on 1800 999 010 to discuss how a Purleve hygienic door handle provides business owners with a cost-effective solution during this Coronavirus outbreak while also protecting them against bacteria and virus that affect public bathrooms and toilets every day.

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