Taqua T-5 Built-In Filtration Sink Mixer Tap

Taqua's new T-5 is the pinnacle of technology in Matte Black or Chrome is Stylish, Innovative & Versatile

Aquatemp in 2022 introduced Japan's premier water filtration system in the Taqua T-5. This new model water filter tap is now fully available in Australia.

Crafted in Japan with the highest standards of quality, this stylish new solution provides you and your loved ones with access to clean and safe filtered water at all times.

Experience the taste of great-tasting water without sacrificing valuable space under your sink with the T-5's compact design.Say goodbye to bulky tanks and costly bottled water - the T-5 is a true game-changer in water filtration!.

Taqua T-5 is slimmer, elegant and well-balanced. The Taqua T-5 is perfectly suited for all urban living environments and large island kitchens.

Taqua T-5 water filtration tap in matte black

Taqua T-5 in Matte Black or Chrome is Japanese engineering at its innovative finest, producing filtered water from your kitchen tap.

Enjoy delicious drinking water at all times with Taqua's T-5 system. Not only does it feature an effortless on-tap knob that allows you to switch between filtered and regular tap water, but it also boasts a newly designed shower function that is both highly accurate and efficient.

The T-5 delivers a seamless and splash-free experience for the ultimate in convenience and quality. With Aquatemp, you can always count on delicious drinking water 24/7!

Taqua T-5 chrome water filter tap

This revolutionary kitchen mixer tap is a pull-out spray with a water filter inside it. Building the water filter into the tap eliminates the need for a separate water filter in your cupboard or on your bench.

Your body is 70% water, and with a Taqua T-5 water filter tap, you are providing your family with the healthiest and safest drinking water at the touch of a tap every day.

Taqua T-5 product features

As with the Taqua T-1 and Taqua T-3 we guarantee you will love your new Taqua T-5 tap because it is simplicity and innovation combined:

  • Switch from tap water to filtered water in micro seconds
  • Replace the filter cartridge within thirty seconds every 4-6 months
  • Easy, hygienic food prep and cleaning with the veggie spray function
  • Pull-out hose allows great range of movement and coverage
  • No need for bulky tanks or undersink filter units
  • Smart and sustainable living that reduces plastic waste

How the Taqua water filter tap works

Taqua’s water filter removes free chlorine, soluble lead, small dirt particles and other impurities from your tap water.

 Best of all, Taqua is guaranteed to retain the minerals in the water that your body needs.

Taqua transforms tap water into fresh, delicious water that tastes better and is safer to consume.

Taqua’s unique filtration channel and automatic cleaning system work to filter a massive 4 litres of water every minute. The sterilising ceramic materials also keep bacteria out of the filter tap, ensuring the highest standard of cleanliness possible.

In mineral content and hardness, expensive bottled water is exactly the same as tap water. Taqua’s built-in filtration sink mixer removes the chlorine from tap water while retaining the minerals. As a result, Taqua provides fresh, delicious water in your home daily.


Taqua T-5 water filter tap

Safe drinking water with Taqua’s guaranteed lead-free filter taps 

 Every tap available in Australia today is manufactured in brass. Brass is created by combining copper and zinc with lead.

Every tap available in Australia today is manufactured in brass, where lead is combined with copper and zinc to create the brass.

Tap manufacturers and importers confirm that 90% of taps available in Australia contain lead. Australian Standards have always legally permitted this use of lead in brass.

The exact amount of lead in the brass taps varies. However, most tap parts coming into contact with your drinking water contain up to 6% lead.

This lead in the taps increases the risk of lead leaching into your drinking water supply at higher levels than permitted by Australian and international standards.

As a result, drinking water from these taps has potential health consequences.

By comparison, every Taqua built-in water filter tap has no tap parts using lead that can ever come into contact with the filtered water or the tap water. As a result, Taqua guarantees that the water from a Taqua tap is free from lead leaching.

To comply with Australian Standards, the outer hose joint of every Taqua tap, which is part of the flexible pull-out hose, is manufactured from C3604BD brass. This outer hose joint has no possibility of any contact with any water in a Taqua tap. C3604BD brass is manufactured with up to 2% of lead.

Taqua water filter tap comparison with under sink filters or a fridge filter

Comparing Taqua Built-In Water Filter Tap with other styles of filter installations for your kitchen is valid. Space-saving is an obvious advantage compared to an under-sink style water filter plus installation costs, maintenance costs and filter replacements costs.

Below is a comparison chart with an under-sink filter and a fridge filter which highlights why a Taqua tap is a superior solution if you are requiring fresh delicious water in your kitchen every day.

Taqua T-5 water filter tap

Filter Cartridges Delivered To Your Front Door With A Scheduled Online Delivery Service

The filters are simple for you to replace with replacement required every 3-4 months, depending on usage.

With the Taqua Regular Delivery Service, a new cartridge arrives at your home at an interval of your choosing. You can opt-out of the service or start it back up again at any time.

Taqua T-5 water filter tap

Warranty Registration

Taqua's built-in filtration sink mixers have a warranty period of two years. You can extend the warranty of your product to five years by simply registering your details free of charge by clicking here.

Taqua T-5 built-in water filtration tap

Don't waste your used Taqua filter cartridge because you can reuse it as an eco-friendly odour eliminator

At Aquatemp, we believe in giving a second life to your Taqua cartridge.

Did you know that besides making your water taste great, this filtration cartridge can also be repurposed as an effective odour eliminator? The activated charcoal in the filter effectively adsorbs and removes any unwanted smells from the air.

So, instead of throwing away your used cartridge, you can put it to good use in various areas of your home. Whether in your fridge to eliminate old food odours or in your shoes to combat lousy foot odour, the compact size of the Taqua cartridge makes it the perfect odour-eliminating solution.

To reuse your filter, ensure it is completely dry before placement near the source of the bad smell. Reusing your Taqua cartridge is an easy and eco-friendly way to help reduce waste and keep your home smelling fresh.

Gary Mays Taqua T-5 water filter tap