ZeroFlush Advantages

Say Goodbye to Constant Flushes and Hello to Ongoing Savings with ZeroFlush Urinals - The Triple Bonus of Economy, Sanitation and Sustainability

Innovative Products with Over 30 Years Experience

More often than not, plumbing fixtures are designed for added comfort and convenience. However, ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals go far beyond that standard and beyond other brands in performance and benefits.

Economic Benefits

  • Cost: ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals will save you money on the initial purchase price, installation, maintenance cost and repairs. There’s not even a water pipeline or flushing device or sensor to be installed….it’s that simple.
  • Operating Costs: “ZeroFlush” means “zero water.” When you purchase ZeroFlush urinals, you’ll reduce your water and sewer bills by 100%. Significant savings now and in the future.
  • Maintenance Costs: A Water-based urinal can suffer from water line calcification, damage to valves and overflow issues, let alone smells! With ZeroFlush waterless urinals, you’ll not even have to consider these issues. In addition, ZeroFlush is the only waterless urinal system with approximately 15,000 uses maintenance schedule, while other waterless urinals require more than double that amount.

ZeroFlush Sanitary Benefits

  • No Water Flushing Means Less Bacteria on the Floors: bacteria love the moist environment created by water flushing vapour. Waterless urinals create a drier floor meaning substantially lower bacteria breeding compared to public bathrooms with water-flushing urinals.
  • Touch-Free Operation: A ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal requires no ‘hands-on’ contact, so direct transmission of bacteria is eliminated between visitors, employees and patrons.
  • Clean, Odour-Free Environment: ZeroFlush is a unique urinal that is completely odour free, creating a pleasing bathroom environment for visitors, employees or patrons. Traditional urinals and other no-water systems still need fluids and sanitising and deodorising cakes to eliminate odour.

ZeroFlush Environmental Benefits

  • Saves Water: Each ZeroFlush urinal saves an average of 150,000 litres of fresh, potable water per year. That’s the equivalent of 3 large home swimming pools.
  • Saves Energy: ZeroFlush means there’s no water to transport to the urinal, so waste treatment plants can only treat waste and not contaminated water from water-flushing urinals.
  • 100% Natural & Biodegradable: ZeroFlush urinals use only all-natural vegetable oil, ensuring the environment is spared from unneeded deodorant blocks and cleaning products containing harsh chemicals.

ZeroFlush Urinals Do Not Stink

ZeroFlush urinals like most urinals will only stink if they are not cleaned or serviced correctly. Urinals that stink is not acceptable.

The outsourcing of urinal servicing to third-party suppliers such as Desert Eco Solutions. is frequently the cause of odour. Desert use non-compliant, cheap, inferior substitute parts, which guarantees you will experience urinal odours. 

If you are experiencing malodours in your public bathroom watch the video below to enable you to explore the causes.

 For more information about ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals please call Aquatemp today on 1800 999 010.