ZeroFlush Warranty Claims

ZeroFlush are Defect-Free - Built with Purpose and Thoroughly Tested

All ZeroFlush waterless urinals are sold free from defects as they have been built to the purpose and fully tested in our premises at Arundel.

We accept that there can be manufacturing defects that slip through and for that reason guarantee all ZeroFlush waterless urinals to be free from defects in material and factory workmanship for a period of five years from the date of purchase.

We recommend that when you purchase a urinal that you register its purchase and installation using the downloadable form in Downloadable ZeroFlush Forms where the limited warranty certificate is also available.

Terms and Conditions for ZeroFlush Warranty Claims

In our experience most claims for warranty are made incorrectly due to the following reasons:

  • incorrect or non-compliant installation
  • incorrect or non-compliant usage
  • incorrect or non-compliant servicing
  • incorrect or non-compliant cleaning

A ZeroFlush waterless urinal is a very simple urinal designed as a simple overflow device and therefore is virtually foolproof provided it has been correctly installed, maintained and cleaned.

There are downloadable instructions for installation, servicing and cleaning available at Downloadable ZeroFlush Forms or if there is something you do not understand please call us on 1800 999010.

Aquatemp Environmental Solutions stands behind the ZeroFlush waterless urinal 100% and if a urinal is defective it will be replaced at no cost as per our Warranty Certificate but the warranty will be voided under the following conditions:

  • damage due to misuse
  • defects caused by accident, fire and other acts beyond human control
  • damage which has a negligible effect on the value and operation of the urinal bowl
  • if repairs and or servicing are not undertaken by a licensed plumber
  • if the installation was not undertaken by a licensed plumber
  • if the installation is not in accordance with the instructions, the Plumbing Code of Australia and AS/NZS 3500.2-2018

Site Visits for a Warranty Claim

If required we will attend on site to inspect and rectify a ZeroFlush waterless urinal if requested to do so but this will be on the understanding that if the warranty claim is deemed to be invalid by us then the parties requesting the site visit will be responsible for all costs incurred. In all instants of warranty claim, a written report will be forwarded to the party requesting the site visit detailing the conclusions for the claim to be accepted or rejected.

If requesting a site visit as a warranty claim the following terms and conditions shall apply:

  1. You will be charged for travelling to the site from our Arundel premises and for returning from the site to our Arundel premises at a rate of $184.57 exclusive of GST per hour.
  2. Any rectification tasks are undertaken by our licensed plumber and will be charged at the current applicable task rate.
  3. Any products supplied will be charged at the current applicable product rate.