ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals

Eco-Friendly, Efficient and Odour-Free: ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Lead the Way in Sustainable Water Conservation

The ZeroFlush Difference

We believe that ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals are the best solution for conserving water for you, your clients, and the environment. Our primary goal is to protect our planet, and we are dedicated to preserving its resources.

Our continuous innovation and in-depth engineering set ZeroFlush apart from other urinals. Our team has put in countless hours to ensure our urinals provide long-lasting performance, odour-free operation, easy maintenance, and a worthwhile return on investment. With ZeroFlush, you can be confident you're making a smart choice for your business and the planet.

ZeroFlush waterless urinal installation at Pat Rafter Arena

Every ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal Is Australian Made

What sets ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals apart from other brands in Australia is the personalised touch we bring to every unit. Each urinal is custom-built and tested in our Gold Coast factory.

We source both local and imported parts to construct each urinal to order. This is why we are the only urinal brand in Australia that offers the flexibility of choosing a waste pipe outlet at the bottom for floor outlets or on the side for wall outlets.

Before shipping, every urinal undergoes a thorough inspection and 24-hour pressure test to guarantee its flawless operation. This extra step ensures you receive a top-quality product every time.

 What Makes ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Better?

Discover the cost-saving advantage of ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals. ZeroFlush is more affordable to clean, operate, and maintain than every other waterless or water-flushing urinal brand.

ZeroFlush is a leader in the urinal industry. Our team of experienced engineers constantly improves our systems to provide the best possible solution for the industry.

Our engineers have made significant advancements in the longevity of the ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal trap insert and EnviroSeal Trap Systems. In fact, the ZeroFlush system only needs to be serviced once every 15,000 uses, nearly doubling the maintenance cycle of other waterless urinal systems.

There are more built-in design advantages in all ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals:

  • The most efficient and sustainable waterless urinal available in Australia.
  • No full cartridges of urine to dispose of.
  • Averages 15,000 uses before any trap replacement is required.
  • No refilling traps between maintenance cycles.
  • Trouble-free design – eliminates all the problems and hassles of a mechanical valve system.
  • Designed to reduce splash-back which means less urine on your floor.
  • Reduced maintenance time and costs.
  • The odour barrier oil is 100% natural and biodegradable with no harsh chemicals.
  • No special cleaning products are required.
  • A sustainability option gives you the ability to clean and reuse the drain insert.
  • Porcelain models are made of high-grade, non-porous, double-glazed vitreous china

    How Can ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Help Your Clients?

    ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals are a game-changer in bathroom hygiene. With no flushing water, these urinals reduce the growth of bacteria and eliminate foul odours. They are also "Touch-Free," reducing the chance of spreading germs through touch. In addition, ZeroFlush Urinals are completely odour-free, dispelling the negative connotation often associated with men's restrooms.

    For a deeper understanding of the benefits of Zeroflush, check out our articles on recycling urine and the advantages of waterless urinals.

    ZeroFlush waterless urinals an investment in the future