EnviroSeal Operating System

Transform Your Restrooms with ZeroFlush's EnviroSeal Waterless Urinals - The Future of Hygiene and Sustainability!

ZeroFlush EnviroSeal is the Smart and Efficient Choice

Revolutionise your restrooms with ZeroFlush's EnviroSeal Waterless Urinals which are the future of sustainable hygiene.

Lead the charge for a greener future with ZeroFlush's EnviroSeal Waterless Urinals, the next generation of a sustainable solution for costly water-flush urinals. Say goodbye to costly servicing and expensive odour-barrier oil.

ZeroFlush brings you a fresh and innovative approach to waterless urinal technology with EnviroSeal - a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, continuous innovation, environmental responsibility, stunning design, and unparalleled manufacturing expertise.

Upgrade your restrooms with the future of sustainable hygiene in urinals.

Experience Unbeatable Performance with EnviroSeal's Next-Level Solution

The EnviroSeal system provides a superior odourless performance to waterless urinal technology guaranteeing a trouble-free operation simultaneously with a huge improvement in total male toilet facility sanitation and hygiene through:

  • enhanced odour and seal protection with a fast opening and closing elastomer trapping system
  • a continuous pleasant fragrance enhancing the toilet atmosphere with the BioPur tab
  • completely recyclable and permanent use EnviroSeal and BioPur systems
  • complete system protection through Bionic Infusion to break down bacteria buildup and subsequent odours
  • all natural enzyme cleaning technology
  • even easier maintenance and cleaning

How an EnviroSeal System Creates Cleaner, Healthier and Odour Controlled Restroom Facilities

Odour control is paramount in male toilet facilities, and with EnviroSeal, odours are controlled by the elastomer seal, which remains sealed at all times, as shown in picture 1.

However, as soon as the urinal is used, as in picture 2, the elastomer seal immediately opens to allow the urine to pass through to the sewer drain.

And in picture 3, as soon as the urine has passed through, the elastomer trap seals again to prevent odour from escaping from the sewer drains.