Desert no flush cartridge are illegal

Desert Urinal Cartridges Are Illegal In ZeroFlush Urinals

Claims by Desert that their unique urinal cartridge is reusable and can fit nearly all waterless urinal brands are fraudulent, deceptive and deceitful.

The use of Desert urinal cartridges as a substitute or retrofitted waterless urinal operating system is non-compliant, illegal and not approved on ZeroFlush waterless urinals.

Claims by Desert that their unique urinal cartridge is reusable and can fit nearly all waterless urinal brands are fraudulent, deceptive and deceitful.

Desert urinal cartridges are illegal in ZeroFlush waterless urinals

Desert cartridges are not a universal fit for all urinals

The simple fact is that Desert has no WaterMarked approved urinal cartridges that have been tested, certified and approved for use in:

  • ZeroFlush waterless urinals
  • Uridan waterless urinals
  • Urimat waterless urinals
  • Waterless or GHB waterless urinals
  • Caroma H2O waterless urinal
  • Britex waterless urinals
  • Stoddart waterless urinals

Do not be fooled if representatives or distributors of Desert Eco System Company tell you that their waterless urinal cartridge can be retrofitted to any waterless urinal because, entirely simply, they are LIARS.

Worst of all, they are leaving you wide open to possible legal action from manufacturers, state government plumbing authorities and possibly the most frightening from no-win no-pay law firms under Workplace, Health and Safety legislation breaches.

The Desert urinal cartridges are only approved for use in one waterless urinal, the Desert No Flush urinal.

A little blue pill does not make a water flushing urinal waterless

Desert Eco System Company has long made dubious claims offering simplistic answers to complex problems.

When many Australian cities were gripped by drought and water shortages in 2006-09, companies like Desert sprung up everywhere to take advantage of government subsidies. In those days, they were known as Desert Eco, claiming that their blue pill called the Desert urinal cube could turn your water-flushing urinal into a waterless urinal and save you thousands of dollars yearly. This, of course, was illegal, but they failed to inform consumers of their products of this.

The Desert Eco blue pill or urinal cube did untold damage to urinals with blockages and odours. So in 2010, amendments to AS/NZS 3500.2-2003, part of the Plumbing Code of Australia, were introduced to clarify that converting water-flushing urinals to waterless urinals was illegal. This was under clause 11.24.3 Conversion to waterless urinals: Urinals shall not be converted into waterless urinals unless the wall-hung or slab urinal has been authorised for use as a waterless urinal, and the requirements of Clauses and have been satisfied. 

Simple servicing undermined by Desert

As a manufacturer, it is incredibly frustrating to get phone calls telling us that ZeroFlush urinals are defective, stink and do not work.

Unfortunately, when we investigated this, we found the problem is not the ZeroFlush waterless urinal, but relatively simple servicing is being undertaken in a non-compliant manner. Often the cause is the installation of untested, unapproved and illegal after-market systems such as Desert urinal cartridges or Enswico Key-System urinal wastes.

ZeroFlush waterless urinals are all WaterMark approved, having undergone incredibly stringent testing and certification in their entirety, so they are compliant under Australian law with ATS 5200.469, which is the Australian technical specification for waterless urinals. This guarantees performance and protects consumers.

You are entitled to a refund from Desert

Be aware that under Australian consumer laws, if you have installed Desert urinal cartridges in any waterless urinal other than the Desert No Flush urinal based on the dubious claims made to you by representatives of Desert Eco System Company, then you are not only entitled to a refund of all your money but also compensation to pay for your waterless urinals being returned to a legally compliant status as per your waterless urinals WaterMark certification.

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