EnviroSeal Reduces Maintenance of Waterless Urinals

EnviroSeal Reduces Maintenance of Waterless Urinals

The Aquatemp team is excited to launch its new category of sustainable systems for the ZeroFlush waterless urinal product line. The first installation in Australia of these revolutionary new upgrades to waterless urinal technology has been installed on level 2 arrivals at Brisbane International Airport.

In addition to the successful Odour Barrier Oil System for the ZeroFlush waterless urinals, Aquatemp is launching an innovative new trapping system, EnviroSeal, which will increase sustainability performance and substantially reduce maintenance costs.

The EnviroSeal system will eliminate water use and significantly reduce labour and maintenance without using oil or chemicals. In addition, the ZeroFlush waterless urinals save up to 150,000 litres of water per urinal annually. This is significant monetary savings for any facility and is further enhanced by EnviroSeal, which guarantees the lowest operational costs and most cost-efficient system available anywhere, plus enhances sustainability and environmental concerns.

The EnviroSeal is available in two configurations: traditional white or the new chrome plated. Using a standard J-Trap seal, both systems are enhanced by a Bio-Pūr Enzyme and Deodorising Block. In addition, silver Ion technology is inbuilt into the manufacturing process to reduce bacteria further.

These innovative EnviroSeal solutions address the issue of incompatible chemical cleaners and maintenance errors that sometimes occur. All chemical cleaners and any amount of water or other liquids can be placed in the ZeroFlush Urinals with the EnviroSeal system without a negative effect on performance or odour.

The EnviroSeal advantage enhances the ownership advantages of installing a ZeroFlush waterless urinal which is the culmination of proven technology, environmental concern and continuous innovation. ZeroFlush urinals upgraded to the patent-pending EnviroSeal provide superior odourless performance and trouble-free operation while improving total bathroom sanitation and hygiene. Key savings are:

  • saves an average of 150,000 litres of water per urinal per year
  • reduces operational costs as ZeroFlush waterless urinals have no flush valves, no electronic sensors and no mechanical parts that create breakdowns and related expensive plumbing maintenance.
  • cleaner and more hygienic public bathroom facilities as ZeroFlush is a "no touch" urinal that avoids the numerous water-related messes
  • reduces your carbon footprint and Greenhouse gases concerning the energy-excessive water treatment and piping processes being eliminated

Once again, the ongoing research and development that has led to the creation of EnviroSeal confirm that it is ZeroFlush first and then everyone else a distant second with waterless urinals.

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