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Fresh & Green: The Facts

Fresh & Green biological cartridge's have no approvals to be used in ZeroFlush waterless urinals or any other urinal that we are aware of. Furthermore we have received advice that under Australian consumer laws if you have brought and installed Fresh & Green inserts based on representations made by Alsco representatives then you are not only entitled to a refund but also compensation to have your urinals brought back to a legally compliant status.

After inspecting installations of not only ZeroFlush urinals but other manufacturers urinals late last year and earlier this year we were concerned about unlicensed persons (in the main cleaners) removing urinal parts and replacing them with a product marketed as Fresh & Green.

In our technical update in April we published an article Fresh & Green Inserts Are Not a Compliant Urinal System in which we said, "Fresh & Green is a substandard inferior product with no WaterMark and no approval from manufacturers for its installation in any urinal. Fresh & Green inserts are a one product fit all solution. Fresh & Green inserts are an appalling product that essentially leave an open sewer connection on the urinal which emits foul odours. Invariably the urinal manufacturer’s get the blame for their product being defective when the problem is the servicing being done in a non-compliant manner by installing non approved Fresh & Green inserts rather than the tested and WaterMark approved consumerable products to save a few dollars."

The distributors of Fresh & Green contacted us claiming there were inaccuracies in our article and that they did indeed have WaterMark approval see Response From Fresh & Green Distributor

After checking out the claims of Alsco's regional general manager, Robert Carlile we stand by our claims that Fresh & Green inserts are not a compliant or approved or authorised system to be used in waterless urinals. The facts are simply:

  1. Fresh & Green inserts can only be used as per their WaterMark approval to ATS 5200.040 which allows it to be essentially used as a grate in a bathroom floor waste where there is already a trap installed and does not include the far more rigorous testing as a self sealing device of an odour evaluation test or a 3000 cycle diaphragm sealing resistance test.
  2. Fresh & Green inserts have no WaterMark approval to be used in waterless urinals as they have never been tested or approved to ATS 5200.469 which is the Australian technical specification for products to be used in waterless or limited flush urinals with an integral sealing device.
  3. Fresh & Green inserts have no WaterMark approval under ATS 5200.459:2004 Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage products, Part 459: Waterless urinals—Wall-hung to be an integral part of a waterless urinal.
  4. Fresh & Green inserts have never been approved by any manufacturer to be used in their urinal and as Robert Carlile states they have never sought it because he states it is not required when in fact it is required

Very simply Fresh & Green cannot be used as a replacement part in ZeroFlush waterless urinals and replacing tested and approved urinal parts with non tested and non approved after market parts is not only dangerous but is also illegal.

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