ZeroFlush waterless urinal installed at McDonalds Loganholme

Installing ZeroFlush urinals with EnviroSeal could reduce your water costs by more than $3500 at the same time as slashing CO2 emissions

Restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs, especially those with 2-3 water flushing urinals, could reduce their annual water bills by at least $3500 simply by installing ZeroFlush urinals with an EnviroSeal operating system. This saving is on top of reduced plumbing maintenance costs for repairing water flushing urinals.

These savings are realistically achieved by installing any ZeroFlush urinal with the EnviroSeal operating system. In addition, EnviroSeal units reduce maintenance costs compared to oil-based waterless urinals substantially.

Every ZeroFlush urinal installed with an EnviroSeal operating system is guaranteed to reduce water costs simultaneously with lowering your carbon footprint, eliminating urinal odours and eradicating the spread of infections caused by water vapour from water flushing urinals.

Blocked and overflowing urinals are reduced significantly with EnviroSeal as there is no concealed trap to become clogged with tissue, toilet paper and gum.

The simple design and eco-friendly ZeroFlush urinals with EnviroSeal eliminate expensive plumbing infrastructure as there is simply no need to use water as, after all, urine is 96% water. This means water savings on average of 100000 litres and a reduction of 105kg of CO2 emissions per urinal annually. In addition, EnviroSeal prevents airborne infections created by water vapour spray during flushing a water flushing urinal that has been shown to spread 250000 bacterial germs per centimetre per flush, landing on floors and walls, skin and clothing. Furthermore, the water vapour spray from a water flushing urinal aids in spreading viruses including Covid-19, influenza and norovirus.

EnviroSeal also accelerates the flow of urine down the drain. Again, there is no concealed trap catching the urine but rather a simple one-way valve that immediately opens to allow urine to flow into the drain and then seals again. Included with EnviroSeal is a BioPur unit which has a replaceable enzyme bio tablet that breaks down uric acid and biofilm proteins making the urine PH neutral. The BioPur tablet reduces the energy required in sewerage treatment processing, reducing environmental impacts.

EnviroSeal operating systems for ZeroFlush waterless urinals

The elimination of water flushing with a ZeroFlush urinal eliminates calcium buildups caused by a chemical reaction between water and urine. This stops the all too common experience with water flushing urinals of drain odours, floor and wall odours, and clogged urinals after the concealed trap become calcified and backs up. Once again, this dramatically reduces expensive and avoidable plumbing emergency costs.

ZeroFlush urinals use 100% environmentally friendly spray and go three-in-one urinal cleaner, a sanitiser, deodoriser, and disinfectant. It quickly eliminates odours and cleans porcelain, fibreglass & stainless steel surfaces with unique surfactant technology that sanitises and disinfects every surface. Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser is Australian manufactured from 100% organic ingredients derived from natural plant extracts and other natural ingredients that produce immediate results. When sprayed on the urinal, Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser penetrates the uric acid crystals, removing the urea components that eliminate both the urine stains and odours, leaving behind a pleasant Lemongrass fragrance. Best of all, spray and go technology removes the need for harsh bleaches, acid-based drain unblockers, and plastic urinal mats, which further enhances the environmental benefits and reduces costs.

The installation of a ZeroFlush urinal is 70% less than a water flushing urinal in the construction phase, plus all the added advantages in water bill reduction and maintenance costs.

Your installing ZeroFlush urinals with EnviroSeal guarantees an end to foul-smelling urinals and urine odours from the floors and walls. Best of all, it allows you to share the environmental benefits that a ZeroFlush urinal brings. As a result, your customers are increasingly aware of, look for, and appreciate as Australia moves forward to Net Zero status.

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