Launch of Next Generation ZeroFlush EnviroSeal System

Launch of Next Generation ZeroFlush EnviroSeal System

After many months of onsite testing, product tweaking and revision we are now able to launch the first major innovation to the technology of ZeroFlush waterless urinals in 6 years. The EnviroSeal system finally elimates the frequent need for servicing with insert replacement and the use of extremely expensive odour barrier oil.

The ZeroFlush EnviroSeal system with the integral BioPur kit is next generation technology that reduces servicing costs significantly. The EnviroSeal technology allows ZeroFlush to leap ahead of the 30 year old systems used by all other waterless urinal manufacturers, which is to trap urine in the urinal and prevent odour emissions by pouring in a barrier of oil to float on top of the urine.

The advantages afforded with improved sanitation and hygiene by using the EnviroSeal system to building owners and facility managers who install ZeroFlush waterless urinals are:

  • odourless performance due to BioPur enzyme kit which degrades the uric salts that cause the odours in all urinals
  • effective and persistent antimicrobial protection created by the bionic infusion system that releases silver ion additives at a controlled rate over the surfaces of the EnviroSeal
  • enhanced seal protection and pleasant fragrance with BioPur enzyme blocks which contain powerful biological cleaning agents, proven to maintain clear and odour free urinal traps and lines by degrading the crystalline structure of uric acid that can slow the drain system and standard traps. These enzyme blocks are designed to be safer and less damaging than the conventional pCDB chemicals used in most urinal blocks
  • all natural cleaner in BioPur kits which are cost efficient and can help save money by prolonging the use of the EnviroSeal and minimising time for urinal cleanings.
  • Specifically, the BioPur enzyme's dispense bacteria, water softening agents into the EnviroSeal System and pipelines each time the urinal is used or cleaned. The unique formula targets and cleans scaling build-ups as it deodourises
  • EnviroSeal only requires servicing and replacement every 6 months which reduces operational costs for servicing and maintenance plus ensures that daily cleaning is very quick and easy with no scubbing required nor use of detergents and best of all no requirement for expensive odour masking devices or chemicals

EnviroSeal systems are the culmination of proven technology and continuous innovation. Available now in either a chrome or white finish.

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