ZeroFlush urinal tick every box for water sustainability

Why a ZeroFlush Urinal is the Best Choice for Your Business's Sustainability Goals


As we head towards net zero emissions targets, every business with toilets and bathrooms needs to start planning its pathway towards net zero.

Urinals in the main are water-flushing urinals that use large amounts of water. This water is clean drinking water that has to be treated only to be flushed across the surface of a urinal and then flow down the drain. This water must flow through the sewers to the sewerage treatment plant to be treated.

All the water flushed down urinals comes at an environmental cost that reduces your business's sustainability goals.

Say Goodbye to Water Waste As The ZeroFlush Urinal's Are the Future of Sustainability

The ZeroFlush urinal is Australia's #1 sustainable urinal. With a commitment to innovation and water sustainability, our urinals are designed to save water and protect the environment. ZeroFlush is the perfect choice for businesses and organisations looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Obviously, a ZeroFlush urinal is designed to ensure it does not waste water. Traditional urinals use a significant amount of water to flush urine away, but the ZeroFlush uses simple trap options to prevent odours from escaping. This means there is no need for a constant flow of water to flush the urinal, saving thousands of litres of clean drinking water each year.

 Every ZeroFlush Urinal Reduces Your Carbon Footprint As They Are 100% Recyclable

Every ZeroFlush urinal is manufactured from 100% sustainable materials, which means once they reach the stage where they require replacement, instead of being dumped in a landfill, they are 100% recyclable.

The urinal is constructed from high-grade, double-glazed vitreous china, a durable and long-lasting material that is 100% recyclable. 

The housing and drainage connection at the base of the urinal is manufactured from ABS plastic, a strong and lightweight plastic material that is 100% recyclable.

The housing connection rim from the housing to the urinal is manufactured from polished stainless steel, a durable and rust-resistant material that is 100% recyclable.

All consumable working parts, such as the EnviroSeal trap or the trap insert, are manufactured from ABS plastic, a strong and lightweight plastic material that is 100% recyclable.

The mounting hardware bracket is made from galvanised steel, a durable and rust-resistant material that is 100% recyclable.

The odour barrier oil is 100% all-natural vegetable oil and biodegradable with no chemical additives allowing it to drain into your sewer drains safely.

zeroflush urinal installation at McDonalds Loganholme

 ZeroFlush Is A Modern and Eco-Friendly Upgrade for Your Bathroom Facilities

The ZeroFlush urinal 201 and 501 models have a sleek and modern design that will complement any bathroom decor. The smooth lines and high-quality materials give the urinal a clean and contemporary look that will enhance the overall aesthetic of any bathroom facility.

A ZeroFlush urinal costs significantly less than traditional water-flushing urinals for both product and installation costs. Water piping and sensor flushing systems are eliminated, so they are simple to install in any new building construction or renovation. The installation is as simple as installing a 40mm or 50mm PVC drain pipe and fixing the urinal onto the wall.

Retrofitting ZeroFlush urinals to replace older ones can be challenging but not impossible. Retrofitting depends on the urinals needing removal and the waste pipe location.

Every model ZeroFlush urinal is easy to install as it comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions for installation and is designed to be compatible with standard drainage.

Removing outdated water-flushing urinals or old-style waterless urinals and replacing them with ZeroFlush ensures you move towards increased water sustainability to meet net-zero targets. From the first day of installation, water conservation targets are exceeded, with each ZeroFlush urinal potentially saving 12583 litres per month of fresh drinking water. 

ZeroFlush waterless urinals save you 100% of the water used in your old water flushing urinals plus 100% of your sewer costs especially if your council or water authority charges you via a sewer discharge factor.

Energy savings are increased with no clean water required to be pumped to the urinals for flushing. This, in turn, dramatically reduces waste water and associated treatment costs.

 Maintaining a ZeroFlush Urinal is a Game-Changer in Reducing Maintenance Budgets

Once installed, the urinal requires minimal plumbing maintenance. The only regular task is to replace the cartridge and odour barrier oil every few months or to service the EnviroSeal unit. 

Traditional urinal maintenance costs are almost eliminated. Frequent problems such as blocked traps, corroded grates, hard water stains, defective sensor flushing units, broken flush valves and vandalism of the exposed mechanisms are consigned to the past. 

Even other waterless urinals require far more frequent servicing than a ZeroFlush does. 

The only daily task is to clean the urinal; we can even supply you with a specialised natural urinal cleaner.

Make The Simple Switch With a Big Impact On Your Water Sustainability Goals

Aquatemp Environmental Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality, environmentally friendly, sustainable products, and the ZeroFlush urinal is no exception.

We are confident that installing ZeroFlush urinals will significantly reduce your environmental footprint, assist your transition to net zero and save your business money in the long run.

zeroflush urinal installation at McDonalds Ormeau
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