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Markets For Purleve Products

Clean is Universal.

So are Pūrleve Product Applications.

From the bustling mall restroom to the quaint neighbourhood bistro, the busy airport to the high-end office complex, germs have no particular allegiance to their surroundings. Any old (or new) handle will do. The cross-contamination problem is of global proportions, transcending any geographic boundaries.

Fortunately, Pūrleve™ doesn’t play favorites, either. Our hygienic door handle solution provides patrons in any type of environment a pure alternative to the dirty, germy handle standing between them and a clean escape. With three distinct categories to choose from, there’s a Pūrleve product that fits on any kind of door, in every kind of place.

  • Hospitals/health care
  • Higher education and day care
  • Restaurants/food service
  • Office buildings
  • Theaters
  • Malls
  • Factories
  • Cruise lines
  • Airlines/public transportation
  • Hotels and resorts

Are Pūrleve products right for your public or private facility? We’re confident they are. Not just right, but highly beneficial.

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