ZeroFlush Maintenance

ZeroFlush Maintenance

ZeroFlush Urinals May Not be Maintenance-Free. 

But They’re As Close as You Can Possibly Get.

Mechanical objects and systems require maintenance as a matter of course. And when you add human waste into the mix, the need for cleaning and maintenance is obvious.

Still, with our patented technology, cleaning and maintenance are greatly reduced.

Daily Cleaning

ZeroFlush urinals are designed with maintenance personnel in mind. Cleaning is very quick and easy. There’s no scrubbing with detergents and no need for chemicals or odour-masking agents.

Cleaning is accomplished by removing debris from the urinal surface. Then, a non-abrasive, low-chlorine, and non-degreasing cleaner is sprayed inside and outside of the bowl, then wiped clean with a soft cloth or
paper towel.

  • No water flushing required!
  • No urinal cakes or screens!
  • No harsh chemicals!

Routine Maintenance

After approximately 15,000 uses, simple, routine maintenance should be performed. Maintenance consists of replacing the drain insert and rinsing the system with water.

It’s a simple six-step process, and one that involves no human contact with urine:

  • Screw the key provided into the key hole of the drain insert.
  • Pull upward on the insert to remove it.
  • Rinse the open trap with water.
  • Install the replacement insert, pressing down until you feel a tight fit and hear a slight popping sound.
  • Add 1 litre of water.
  • Pour in the entire contents of your ZeroFlush Odour Barrier Liquid bottle.

At ZeroFlush, we’ve thought of everything, so you have less to think about regarding your men’s lavatories.

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