ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Innovation Defy The Critics

ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Innovation Defy The Critics

ZeroFlush waterless urinals innovation continue to defy the critics of waterless urinals as they continually outperform every other water flushing and waterless urinal available today.

Unlike many other urinals, ZeroFlush waterless urinals have continued to evolve and are world leaders in developing sustainable solutions. The introduction of the EnviroSeal operating system is reducing costs by eliminating expensive odour barrier oils.

Continuous innovation continues with the EnviroSeal with the introduction of the Wonder Wizard Tab's which almost eliminates uric salt buildups in the urinal and prevents blockages. The Wonder Wizard Tab's are easily replaced every month as part of the daily cleaning procedure.

In public toilets, every urinal and every toilet must be cleaned every day. The simple cleaning procedures required to clean a ZeroFlush waterless urinal make the daily cleaning a dream for cleaners as it's so quick to undertake as long as the manufacturer's instructions are followed.

In cleaning a ZeroFlush urinal, the commitment to using environmentally sustainable products has continued with the rejection of harsh chemical products and acids.The introduction of Aquatemp Spray & Go specialist urinal cleaners which are 100% manufactured from nature's most powerful cleaner, plant-based enzymes. The combination of EnviroSeal with a Wonder Wizard Tab cleaned with Aquatemp Spray & Go delivers a superior odourless performance to every public toilet facility.

Installation of ZeroFlush waterless urinals provides significant cost benefits in the installation cost as no expensive electronic water flushing systems are required. This reduces the initial capital expenditure and eliminates their ongoing maintenance costs.

Above all ZeroFlush installation will save water and sewerage discharge costs from the local water authority. A recent study was undertaken across 11 McDonalds restaurants with ZeroFlush urinals that conclusively showed a drop in water use of 19% over a 6 month period.

Contact Aquatemp now to discuss how you can benefit by installing ZeroFlush waterless urinals as we can guarantee the following:

  • reduced capital cost to install
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • simple and easy cleaning procedures
  • reduction in blocked drains
  • all products used are environmentally sustainable
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