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ORC Overflow Relief Cap

ORC Overflow Relief Cap

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The ORC Overflow Relief Cap is a game-changer in the fight against stormwater infiltration into sewer drains. This innovative solution offers a simple and effective way to prevent sewerage overflows, making it the go-to choice for councils, water authorities, plumbers, and even individual households.

Installing an ORC Overflow Relief Cap can reap significant environmental benefits for your community. It reduces rapid flow infiltration of rainwater into sewers by up to 40% and minimises the risk of sewer surcharge overflows during storms. This protects the environment and saves councils and water authorities from excessive capital expenditure on sewer storage, pumping capacity, and sewerage treatment.

Investing in the ORC Overflow Relief Cap is an intelligent choice for the environment and a wise investment for the future. So say goodbye to sewerage overflows and hello to a cleaner, greener community with the ORC Overflow Relief Cap.

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    ORC overflow relief cap
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