Aquatemp Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser 1 Litre

Aquatemp Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser 1 Litre

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Aquatemp's uniquely formulated anti-bacterial 1 litre RTU Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser is a powerful environmentally friendly three-in-one urinal cleaner that is a sanitiser, deodoriser and disinfectant. It eliminates odours fast and cleans porcelain, fibreglass & stainless steel surfaces even faster with unique surfactant technology that sanitises and disinfects every surface.

Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser is a powerful disinfectant that kills 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses when sprayed onto the urinal surface. 

Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser is Australian manufactured from 100% from organic ingredients that have been derived from natural plant extracts and other natural ingredients that produce immediate results.

When sprayed on the urinal, Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser penetrate the uric acid crystals removing the urea components that eliminate both the urine stains and urine odours leaving behind a pleasant Lemongrass fragrance.

Aquatemp Urinal Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser is an all-natural environmentally friendly, biodegradable, alcohol-free, non-toxic, high-performance one-step process that cleans, sanitises, deodorises and disinfects all urinal surfaces as a highly effective spray and go cleaner. 

Aquatemp Urinal Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser is specifically formulated for use on all urinals including Uridan, Caroma, ZeroFlush, Urimat, Arid, Desert, Falcon and many more.

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