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Taqua T-5 Chrome Water Filter Tap

Taqua T-5 Chrome Water Filter Tap

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Introducing the Taqua T-5 Chrome: A Stylish Filtration Sink Mixer Tap

Discover the untapped potential of your kitchen design with the Taqua T-5 Chrome, the newest addition to the successful Taqua filtration sink mixer tap series. The Taqua T-5 Chrome features a sleek, elegant, well-balanced design ideal for urban living environments and spacious island kitchens.

Aquatemp has joined forces with Japanese engineering experts Taqua to bring you Japan's best-selling built-in filtration sink mixer. Enjoy filtered water directly from your kitchen sink tap with the Taqua T-5 Chrome, eliminating the need for a separate water filter.

Advanced Filtration and Automatic Cleaning System

The innovative Taqua T-5 Chrome tap boasts a unique filtration channel and automatic cleaning system, filtering up to 4 litres of water per minute. This advanced system removes chlorine and impurities while retaining essential minerals. The sterilising ceramic material ensures the highest cleanliness standards, while the micro-filter removes fine dirt particles, and the activated carbon and ion exchanger eliminates unpleasant odours. In addition, the self-cleaning functionality prevents cartridge clogging and maintains water pressure.

Effortless Water Selection and Versatile Use

Switch between tap water and filtered water with just a simple button touch. In addition, the Taqua T-5 Chrome is perfect for washing vegetables and rice, providing delicious water at your fingertips daily.

Healthier, Better-Tasting Water

Chlorine, added to tap water by water authorities for sterilisation, can affect the taste and nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Taqua's water filters effectively remove chlorine and impurities while retaining essential minerals, including fluoride, transforming tap water into clean, tasty water safe to consume. Taqua taps are also made from lead-free materials, ensuring your filtered water is lead-leaching-free.

Learn More About the Taqua T-5 Chrome

Click here for more detailed information on the Taqua T-5 water filter tap.

Upgrade to the Taqua T-5 Chrome and elevate your kitchen design with the ultimate environmental and technological solution. Relish the convenience and quality of clean, filtered water every day!

Taqua T-5 chrome
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