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Taqua T-5 Chrome Water Filter Tap Supply and Installation

Taqua T-5 Chrome Water Filter Tap Supply and Installation

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Introducing the Taqua T-5 Chrome: Elevate Your Kitchen's Elegance with Seamless Professional Installation

Discover the untapped potential of your kitchen design with the Taqua T-5 Chrome, the newest addition to the successful Taqua filtration sink mixer tap series. The Taqua T-5 Chrome offers a sleek, elegant, well-balanced design, making it an ideal choice for urban living environments and spacious island kitchens.

Transform your kitchen effortlessly with Aquatemp's professional supply and installation service. For just $881.49, GST included, we provide comprehensive supply and installation of the Taqua T-5 Chrome in Melbourne, Bendigo, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Our service includes:

  • Removing your old sink mixer tap.
  • Fitting durable brass connections to your existing hot and cold water lines.
  • Installing the Taqua T-5 Chrome mixer into a pre-existing 35mm hole in your sink or benchtop.
  • Connecting to your hot and cold water lines.
  • Fully commissioning your Taqua T-5 Chrome mixer tap for optimal functionality.
  • Installing the Taqua water filter, including instructions on filter replacement.
  • Guiding you through the warranty registration process to secure a 5-year guarantee.
  • Demonstrating using the Taqua T-5 Chrome's features, such as its ability to switch between filtered and unfiltered water, various spray options, and the extendable vegetable spray hose.
  • Clean up the work area after installation and ensure all waste is disposed of.

Please be aware that our supply and installation service does not cover the following:

  • Drilling holes in stone benchtops.
  • Cutting 35mm holes in stainless steel benches.*
  • Installing isolation valves for your water connections.*
  • Replacing wall-mounted sink taps.
  • Modifying any existing pipes.

If you are still determining whether our service fits your kitchen, send us photos of your current sink and water connections.

*Additional charges may apply.

Sleek Design and Integrated Water Filter

The Taqua T-5 Chrome features a chic, modern design with a pull-out spray and an inbuilt water filter, rendering a separate filtration system unnecessary. It filters 4 litres per minute, incorporating the latest in filtration technology.

High-Quality Filtration and Self-Cleaning Functionality

Equipped with sterilising ceramic material, micro-filter, activated carbon, and ion exchanger, the Taqua T-5 Chrome ensures the highest water quality standard. Its self-cleaning function maintains water pressure by preventing cartridge clogging, giving you daily access to clean, delicious filtered water.

Effortless Water Selection

Switch between tap and filtered water efficiently, thanks to a user-friendly button, ensuring fresh, tasty water at your convenience.

Learn More About the Taqua T-5 Chrome

For detailed information on the Taqua T-5 Chrome water filter tap, click here.

Healthier, Better-Tasting Water

The Taqua T-5 Chrome's filtration system effectively removes impurities while retaining essential minerals, improving tap water's safety and taste. The tap is constructed from lead-free materials, ensuring your water is free from lead contamination. Choose the Taqua T-5 Chrome for a refined, healthy water experience in your kitchen.

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