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Taqua T-5 Matte Black Water Filter Tap

Taqua T-5 Matte Black Water Filter Tap

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Introducing the Taqua T-5 Matte Black: The Ultimate Kitchen Upgrade

Experience the pinnacle of kitchen upgrades with the Taqua T-5 Matte Black, the newest addition to the innovative Taqua filtration sink mixer series. Aquatemp has partnered with Taqua to bring you Japan's best-selling built-in filtration sink mixer, now available in Australia.

Sleek Design and Integrated Water Filter

This stylish and well-balanced matte black tap features a pull-out spray and built-in water filter, eliminating the need for a separate filtration system. Instead, the Taqua T-5 offers a premium filtration system that filters 4 litres of water per minute and boasts advanced features.

High-Quality Filtration and Self-Cleaning Functionality

The Taqua T-5 Matte Black has a sterilising ceramic material, micro-filter, activated carbon and ion exchanger, ensuring the highest water quality standard. In addition, the self-cleaning functionality keeps the cartridge from clogging and maintains water pressure, providing you with clean and delicious filtered water every day.

Effortless Water Selection

With a simple button touch, you can seamlessly switch between tap water and filtered water, enjoying delicious water at your fingertips daily.

Learn More About the Taqua T-5 Matte Black

Click here for more detailed information on the Taqua T-5 water filter tap.

Healthier, Better-Tasting Water

Taqua's filters effectively remove impurities while retaining essential minerals, including fluoride, transforming tap water into better-tasting and safer water. The taps are also made from lead-free materials, ensuring your filtered water is lead-leaching-free. Upgrade your kitchen with the Taqua T-5 Matte Black for clean and delicious filtered water anytime.

Taqua T-5 matte black water filter tap
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