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Aquatemp Environmental Solutions

ZeroFlush Odour Barrier Oil 20L

ZeroFlush Odour Barrier Oil 20L

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ZeroFlush Odour Barrier Oil is a natural, long-lasting solution for waterless urinals that require odour barrier oil. The product comes in a 20-litre drum and is specially formulated to act as a barrier that prevents odours from escaping the urinal housing. In addition, it is manufactured from biodegradable ingredients, making it safe for disposal into sewer drainage systems.

This odour barrier oil is designed to be compatible with ZeroFlush and Uridan waterless urinals, providing versatility and ease of use. One 20-litre ZeroFlush Odour Barrier Oil drum is sufficient to service 52 ZeroFlush urinals or 67 Uridan urinals. This product is a reliable and cost-effective solution, making it an ideal choice for plumbers, facility managers and building owners.

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